TAP Updated its Business Class on all Long-Haul Aircraft

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There is a joke that has been around for quite a while. It suggestes that TAP stands for Take Another Plane. Now, there could be several reasons why people might find this fitting – or not. The carrier is a Star Alliance member and often offering great deals, especially on flights from Europe to North America. But the fact that TAP Portugal still operated some planes that were equipped with angled lie-flat seats was definitely not something that influenced travelers’ perception of the airline in a positive way.

But in a recent press release, the airline finally announced that the last aircraft with old business class long-haul configuration exits the fleet. So from now on, no one has to worry about not sitting in an up-to-date business class seat anymore.


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Press Release

Here’s what the Portuguese national carrier has to say about this significant step:

TAP receives 30th new aircraft of 2019 and the last Airbus A330 with the old configuration exits the fleet.

– The airline has received 30 new-generation aircraft this year.
– Last long-haul aircraft with old cabin no longer flies with TAP colours.
– TAP has one of the newest long-haul fleets in the world.
– One year ago, the average age of the long-haul fleet was 15 years and now it is just 3.9 years.
– New fleet provides greater client satisfaction, lower fuel consumption and greater operational and
environmental efficiency, allowing more passengers to be carried to new markets and destinations.

TAP celebrated another milestone in the renovation of its fleet this week. As the commercial operation of the Airbus A330 registration CS-TOG came to an end, the airline now has a completely renovated fleet that is one of the newest in the world.

And further on:

A year ago, TAP had four Airbus A340 and 17 A330ceo in its long-haul fleet. The long-haul fleet is now composed of 17 Airbus A330neo, four Airbus A321 LR, and seven Airbus A330ceo with completely retrofitted and standardized cabin interiors.

Bottom Line

We want to take the chance and congratulate TAP on achieving this milestone! And we are sure that the new interior will lead to more people booking cheap TAP business class offers with confidence now. If you’ve never seen the current business class product, here’s a review that will give you a nice first impression:

Source: TAP Portugal & Premium-Flights – Thanks!

Cover Picture: © TAP Portugal

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  1. Patrick Loeb says:

    Are you sure that the Biz class on the 321LR is the same as on the 330neo? I made terrible experience with a flight from Accra to Lisbon in Biz. This is a overnight flight, the plane came in a short-haul configuration. The only difference to Eco was the empty middle seat! I learned my lesson, the old Take Another Plane rule is still/again valid for me!

    • Felix says:

      Hi Patrick! It’s sad to hear about your terrible experience on your way to Accra, especially on a rather long red eye – but thanks for sharing it! You had bad luck, as TAP has installed their new premium cabin on all four of their A321-200LR, but not on their four old A321-200. Their eight A321-200NEO only feature European business class, as well. So you have to be really attentive when booking – the important information is in the letters after the type.

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