Allegris: Lufthansa Announces Further Details about Their New First & Business Class

Lufthansa neue Business Class von oben

Lufthansa has been working on a new inflight product codenamed Allegris for some time. Part of this is new seats in premium economy, business & first class. After the business class had already been teased several times, Lufthansa presented pictures of a new first class for the first time in October. However, many details remained unclear at the time, e.g. what the seat configuration looks like on the jets.

Today, Lufthansa invited selected frequent flyers and the media (unfortunately not us) to a presentation of the new in-flight product. As part of this, many new pictures and details were published. The new business class seats will be introduced in 2023, and the first class will be in the air for the first time in 2024.

Double Suite in First Class

The new first class is to be installed in the newly delivered Airbus A350 for the first time in 2024. So far, there has only been one photo of the individual seats with floor-to-ceiling doors. Now it’s clear: In addition to the two suites by the window, there will be a 3.7 m² double suite for two passengers. The seats can then be converted into a double bed if desired.

There will only be one first class row on the Airbus A350. There is space for a maximum of four guests in the exclusive travel class. What the first class will look like in the other types of aircraft remains open for the time being.

Apparently, there is no armrest or other separation between the seats. It would be possible for one of the passengers to take a seat on the stool opposite, but basically, this seat makes sense for couples only.

It remains to be seen what the pricing will look like. Do solo travellers have to pay more for their private suite? After all, they take up much more space.

Business Class with Seven Different Seating Options

More than five years have passed since Lufthansa first published pictures of its new business class. Since then, the launch of the in-flight product has been pushed back and forth. It is currently said that the new seats will be introduced on board the Boeing 787-9 in 2023. Let’s see if the schedule can be met because recently Boeing had to stop deliveries again.

But back to the onboard product. A view of the cabin from above is particularly exciting. Because it shows that there will be a total of seven different seating options. Lufthansa describes this as follows:

  1. Suites in the first row: Double suite inside, single suites by the window.
  2. Extra-Space Seat: Unique, spacious single seat with extra work surface.
  3. Window seat with a high degree of privacy.
  4. Seat with extra long bed (2.20 meters).
  5. Privacy window seat with baby bassinet.
  6. Double seat: In the last row of business class – two neighboring seats with a smaller distance between them, which can be combined to form a double berth by means of a retractable center console.
  7. Classic Business Class Seat: The aisle is directly accessible from all seats.
Description of the new seat types by Lufthansa
Lufthansa Allegris Business Seat Types
Distribution of the different seat types (© Lufthansa; labeled by us)

There will only be a lockable door in the first (Boeing 787) or the first two (Airbus A350) rows. Lufthansa sells these seats as Business Class Suites. The suites can probably only be selected for a surcharge – and then also offer e.g. a small minibar.

All business class seats can be heated or cooled down individually. Further, you can expect wireless charging stations for your phones and the possibility to connect your devices to the IFE via bluetooth.

Finding the New Seats in Boeing 787, 777X, 747-8 and Airbus A350

The new cabin will mainly be found in the new aircraft that will be delivered to Lufthansa from 2023 onward. The airline speaks of Boeing 787-9, Airbus A350 and Boeing 777-9 (X).

Of the current fleet, only the Boeing 747-8I will get the new seats. Lufthansa will therefore be using the new and old cabins for many years. And then there are the “exotic” seats in the ex-planes of Philippine & Hainan Airlines.

The exact seat configuration has already been announced for two new aircraft types:

Airbus A350-900 (total 279 seats):

  • First Class: 3 Suites (max. 4 passengers)
  • Business class: 38 seats, 8 of them suites
  • Premium economy: 24 seats with 99 cm seat pitch
  • Economy: 201 seats, 22 of them with more legroom

Boeing 787-9 (total 287 seats):

  • No first class
  • Business class: 28 seats, 4 of them suites
  • Premium economy: 28 seats with 99 cm seat pitch
  • Economy: 231 seats, 34 of them with more legroom

The A350s are therefore more premium-heavy, while the Boeing 787-9 offer a larger economy cabin.


Compared to the current, rather antiquated cabin, Allegris certainly makes a good, modern impression. However, the question arises as to whether a total of seven seat types in business class is not a bit exaggerated. Especially when there is only one “normal” double seat (see aerial photo above).

What is your impression of the new in-flight product? Please leave a comment

Cover Picture: © Lufthansa

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  1. Christophe says:

    I think it looks very exciting, but you’re right, it is rather complicated. Also, it remains to be seen how the pricing will be structured.
    But anything is better than today’s business class, which I personally have been avoiding for years, especially when flying alone.
    Best regards,

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