Face Masks Become Mandatory With Lufthansa Group Flights

Lufthansa Maske

From May 4, 2020 onwards, passengers on Lufthansa Group flights will be asked to bring and wear their own face masks. These rules will be in place until August 31, 2020 for all employees and passengers. According to newest information, Lufthansa Group’s minimum timetable remains in force until May 31, 2020.

In the wake of this, Lufthansa Group also announced to remove the rule to keep a free seat between passengers as the group believes that face masks provide enough health safety. The airlines will still give their best to provide enough space between passengers if the flight is not fully booked.

In the press release it is also once more pointed out that the airlines of the Lufthansa Group use high quality air filters that result in an air quality that is usually only known from operation rooms.

Furthermore, Lufthansa Group did not have a single case of a Coronavirus transmission in their flights which according to the group proofs the safety of flying with them.

It is questionable if face masks can replace the health safety that a distance between passengers provides. After all, the airlines do not check if the face masks are up to a certain standard. In our opinion Lufthansa Group’s decision is at least questionable and may put passengers at a higher health risk.

Source: Lufthansa Group Newsroom

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