Vueling Promotion: 100,000 flights for €12 in the Upcoming Winter!

A320 Vueling

Spanish low cost carrier Vueling breaks the ice in style, offering 100,000 tickets all across Europe for €12! The promotion ends on September 12, 2019, and is valid for traveldates from November 2019 through February 2020.

Bueling Sale
Fliy to and from Spain for €13 or slightly more!

Best availability

Most cheap tickets are available to and from Vueling’s (mostly spanish) focus cities like:

  • Alicante
  • Barcelona
  • Gran Canaria
  • Malaga
  • Mallorca
  • Marseille
  • Paris
  • Tenerife North
  • Valencia

Search & Book

The easiest way to find these flights is using this link, that will lead you to Vueling’s promotional page:

Bueling Sale Overview

Using the box on the lower end of the page will give you the opportunity to select your favourite departure airport and see which offers are available.

If you click on one of the destinations, a calendar will open, showing you all possible travel dates at the lowest €11.99 fare.

Vueling operates to a bulk of European airports with varying destinations, so looking up a couple of airports near to you is definetly worth it!

Routing options

While most flights at the lowest price are two hours or shorter, you still have the opportunity to build yourself an interesting itinerary. For example, a combination of flights from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Barcelona to Tenerife, Tenerife to Mallorca and Mallorca to Amsterdam gives you the opportunity to visit a beautiful city and spent time on the Canary Islands & Balearic Islands for less than 60€ total.

Vueling’s additional fees

Since Vueling is a dedicated low cost carrier, the price you pay for your ticket includes little more than the flight itself. You can bring one piece of carry-on luggage up to 10 kg with you, accompanied by a small bag that has to be smaller than your carry-on item.

You can purchase a checked-in baggage in advance. One item up to 23kg costs between 18€ and 30€, with prices varying depending on destination and origin. If you check your luggage at the airport without advanced booking, the fee increases to a minimum of 35€. A second, additional piece of luggage can cost up to 90€.

A seat reservation can be made for 4€-9€. Getting some extra pace by reserving an exit row seat costs between 16€ and 24€.

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