Taipei: €337 From Spain With Air France – KLM (€437 With Luggage)


SkyTeam airlines Air France and KLM are currently offering cheap flights from Spain to Taipei. Sadly, the cheapest fare doesn’t include luggage, but even if you book the “Standard” fare for €100 more, it’s still a very good price. If you have a SkyTeam Elite status or higher, you will always have one piece of luggage included, no matter the fare you select.

We found this deal from the following Spanish airports:

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Flights as good as these are usually extremely hard to find for such a cheap price.

The flights from Spain to Amsterdam/Paris are operated by KLM or Air France, as are the long haul flights.

Search & Book

It is unclear until when this deal will continue to be valid. The fare rules only state a maximum stay of 3 months.

You can look for available dates on Google Flights, and then book over our own Travel-Dealz flight search. If you wish to fly with luggage and do not have a SkyTeam Elite status, or higher, we recommend booking the Standard Fare directly on

Here’s an availability calendar for trip lengths of 9 to 12 days, so that you get a rough idea about the travel-periods. For other trip lengths, please use Google Flights.

Information & Tips for Taiwan

Things are complicated when it comes to Taiwan’s political status. The island’s government claims to represent the independent “Republic Of China”, while mainland China views Taiwan as a “rebellious province”.

Regardless of those issues, the island of Formosa provides a heavily urbanized West Coast with Taipei as a masterful example of a modern metropolis. On the opposite, the East Coast is full of natural rain forests and smaller towns and villages. There is no place on earth where Chinese and Japanese culture form a harmonious mixture like in Taiwan, making it a unique place to visit.

Entry & Visa

Most EU-Citizens will receive a 90-day permit upon arrival at any Taiwanese airport. Only a passport valid more than six months after arrival is required.

Best Time to Travel

Taiwan is located in a subtropical climate zone, meaning high humidity all year round. While the southern part experiences a monsoon season from May through August, rainfalls are more evenly distributed through the year in the north. Best travel times are October through January, when rainfalls are low and temperatures are modest.


Taiwan uses the New Taiwan Dollar as currency. 1€ is worth approx. 35 TWD.

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Information & Tips for Taipei

Taipei is the largest city of Taiwan. About one third of all Taiwanese poeple live in Tapei’s municipality. The city stands out as unique conflux of Chinese and Japanese culture, architecture and cuisine. Being built into a mountainous region with huge rainforests, even the way from the airport downtown is hugely spectacular. The city is home to the Taipei 101, a skyscraper that used to be the tallest in the world at time of its opening in 2004. Another fascinating aspect is Taipei’s huge network of suburban malls.

Best Time to Visit

Being located in a humid subtropical climate, Tapei’s summers are hot, long lasting and very humid. Occasional heavy rainstorms or typhoons make this time an unpleasent one to visit the city. From November through March, average temperatures are around 20 dregrees and it rains less than during summer, making this an ideal time to visit the city.

From the Airport to the City

International flights arrive almost exclusively at Taipei Taoyuan Int’l airport. Getting to the city is as easy as it can be. A regular and an express metro line connect the airport to the city center. The 5€ ticket includes free Wi-Fi. Further, there are a number of shuttle buses to different parts of the city, operating even at night time. A taxi ride will be around 1000NT$, approx. €30.

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