USA: Business Class flights from Poland with SkyTeam carriers starting at 5.255 PLN (1.225€)

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Delta Airlines, KLM and Air France are currently selling cheap tickets for Business Class flights to the USA. Fares for flights departing from various airports – including Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow – start at only 5.255 PLN (1.225€).

Business Class flights to New York for 5255 PLN (1.225€)

Depending on the airline you chose, your trip will typically include one layover, either in Paris or Amsterdam.

Business Class products

Delta and KLM will operate mostly Airbus A330’s on their long-haul flights. According to flight reviews, both Business Class products seem to provide an enjoyable travel experience.

Lie-Flat seats are on board of either aircraft. Although Delta apparently offers more privacy to its travelers due to the herring-bone arrangement of their business class seats. To get a better impression of what could await you, have a look at these two articles:

Air France will obviously often operate an Airbus A380 on the routes to the USA. While it can be a great experience to be on board of the largest passenger aircraft, you might consider avoiding this plane. The reason for that is the outdated Business Class cabin that Air France has installed. According to flights reviews and Google Flights, the French carrier doesn’t even offer Lie-Flat seats.

Search & Book

Tickets for this deal will be sold until May 16th for travel commencing on or before May 31st, 2019. At least that’s what the fare rules say. There are no travel periods mentioned, but we’ve been able to find flights from June trhough early 2020.

Maximum stay is restricted to 3 months, and you can’t book a return flight that departs earlier than 6 days after your arrival. Alternatively, you can also stick to the so-called Sunday rule (stay at your destination at least for the night from Saturday to Sunday).

Use Google Flights (instructions) to find all available dates for this deal. You’ll see that availability is still excellent. Once you found your preferred connections, have Google forward you to the website of the carrier or use Skyscanner to compare the prices that OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) will offer you.


All tickets should be issued in booking class Z. For most SkyTeam frequent flyer programmes this will mean an earning rate of 100% to 150%.

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