Radisson Rewards: 5,000 Bonus Points per Stay (Up to 150,000 Points)


Radisson Rewards, Radisson Hotels‘ loyalty program, is running a nice promotion that will bring you closer to free award nights as well as to your next status level. For every stay in the remainder of 2020, Radisson adds 5,000 additional points to your account. The maximum limit is 150,000 points, for which you would need 30 stays.

This is an additional bonus on top of the reward points you usually get. Normal members get 20 points for each US-Dollar spent, while platinum member get 45 points per Dollar.

You can sign up for this promotion here. To receive bonus points, you’ll need to sign up before checking out of your first stay:

Even award nights get rewarded with 5,000 points per stay. One stay is one or several nights at the same hotel. Even if you have several bookings for consecutive nights at the same Radisson Hotel, it still counts as a single stay.

Tips & Hints

Caution: Bookings made via OTA or platforms such as Booking.com are Expedia won’t get you any award points and consequently will not be considered for the promotion.

Hint#1: In many cities there are multiple Radisson Hotels, i.e. Radisson Blu and Park Inn. If you change the hotel between two nights, each night will count as a single stay. You can earn up to 35,000 bonus points per week by constantly changing between two hotels.

Hint#2: Radisson Rewards currently offers a comparatively easy status match:

Thanks to our source OMAAT!

Cover Picture: Johannes Kinast

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