Qatar Airways Business: Cape Town at €1,423; Singapore at €1,554 from Oslo

Qatar Qsuite

Oneworld member Qatar Airways keeps pushing their Business Class fares. This time, they offer discounted fares from Oslo to Singapore and Cape Town, starting at €1,435. Both routes have a single layover in Doha. All flights between Doha and Singapore are schdeduled to feature Qsuite service in business class. Singular flights between Doha and Cape Town, as well.

Business class flights to South Africa are usually much more expensive.

Flights between Oslo and Doha are serviced by Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. An A350-900 will take you to Cape Town and back. We can certainly say that none of these plane types features Qsuites. In contrast, an A350-1000 operates all flights between Doha and Singapore. All planes of this type offer Qsuites in their premium cabin. Please check our overview on Qsuite availability.


Singular flights between Doha and Cape Town are now scheduled to feature Qsuites as well. Because Qatar Airways can change planes on short hand, we still urge you to be careful when looking for this specific business class product.


Search & Book

  • Cape Town: Availability for this fare is outstanding. Google Flights indicates that the Oslo-Cape Town fare is constantly available until March 2020, aside from a blackout between December 15 and December 31, 2019. The minimum duration of stay is five days, the maximum duration of stay is one month.
  • Singapore: Availability is pretty good as well. Fare rules are bit different from the Cape Town flights. The shortest possible stay is three days, the longest is twelve months. While fare rules state that outbound travel must commence Monday through Thursday, Google Flight results show no such limitation.

Both fares are available at our flight search at the link above or at, where the price increases by approx. €100. We couldn’t find an expirationdate for this offer.


Tickets to Singapore are issued in booking class I, while the Oslo-Cape Town roundtrip is booking class R. According to, mileage output is identical in both booking classes. A roundtrip for Cape Town should earn you the following mileage:

  • 31,020 on Finnair Plus
  • 24,820 on LATAM Pass
  • 19,280 on Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer
  • 19,280 on Qatar Airways Privilege Club
  • 19,280 on Malaysia Airlines Enrich
  • 19,280 on Asia Miles
  • 19,280 on Japan Airlines Mileage Bank
  • 19,280 on GOL Aéreos Smiles
  • 19,280 on Iberia Plus
  • 19,280 on MEA Cedar Miles
  • 19,280 on British Airways Executive Club
  • 19,280 on S7 Airlines Priority Club
  • 15,420 on Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus
  • 15,420 on American AAdvantage
  • 15,420 on Royal Jordanian Royal Club
  • 15,420 on SriLankan FlySmiles
Data provided by Without guarantee on correctness.

In addition, both roundtrips are worth 560 tier points in British Airways Executive Club. You need 600 tier points and 4 flight segments in British Airways or Iberia to gain Oneworld Sapphire status. A cheap economy ticket connecting in London or Madrid in addition to this flight should do the trick.

Information & Tips for South Africa

South Africa is the touristically most visited country in the south of Africa. Whether its Safaris, tours of wine regions or the Table Mountain – visitors won’t be disappointed!

Traditionally, flights from Europa to South Africa have been quite expensive. In recent years however, airlines such as Iberia, Egyptair and British Airways have been offering cheaper and cheaper flights – even in premium cabins! If you are flexible in regards to your point of departure, the array of airlines with cheap tickets becomes even greater.

Best Time to Visit

South Africa is a huge country and therefore doesn’t have a single best time to visit. It really depends on what you want to see. The cities Johannesburg and Cape Town have the best weather in Fall (March – Mai) and Spring (September – November).

Immigration & Visa Requirements

If you have a valid EU passport and a valid return ticket, you will be given a visitor’s visa with a validity of 90 days. Turn to the ministry of foreign affairs of your country for more information.


The currency used in South Africa is the Rand (ZAR). One Euro are approximately 16 ZAR. Make sure to use a credit card that does not charge high fees for withdrawals or payments in foreign currencies.

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Information & Tips for Cape Town

Cape Town is the second largest – but touristically more relevant – city in South Africa and especially known for the Table Mountain and the beaches in the south. The city is well connected to Europe and the rest of Africa by air travel.

Compared to Johannesburg, flights to Cape Town are pretty much always more expensive. A good price is 500€ – 600€ for a round trip ticket in economy class. Anything under 500€ can be considered a good deal, occasionally you can find fares around 400€, although without checked luggage for the most part.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Cape Town is during the summer from the end of January until the end of April; the hottest temperatures are from December to February, although it is very windy during this time.

From the Airport to the City

Due to high crime rates, it is not recommended to take a bus or other forms of public transport in the regions surrounding the airport. A taxi from the airport to the city center costs about 18€ to 25€, an Uber is a good alternative and costs about half of that.

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Information & Tips for Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is a financial metropolis in Southeast Asia. Especially its geographical location is responsible for its rise. Singapore is one of the largest air traffic hubs in Asia and therefore very well connected to the rest of the world. Various airlines offer good deals to Singapore.

Best Time to Visit

The climate is best suited for visits in autumn and spring. Summers are sweltering and the rainy season starts in November and lasts until January. You have to be prepared for high temperatures and humidity all year round.

Entry & Visa

Most European citizens can enter Singapore without a visa and with a passport only. A residence permit for 90 days will be issued upon arrival.

From the airport to the city center

Singapore Changi Airport is connected to the city center by metro. A ride to City Hall takes about 40 minutes and costs S$ 2,30€. Taking a taxi will cost about S$ 20-30.

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