Perth, Australia: £742 / €873 Nonstop Full Service from London

Dreamliner Qantas

9009 miles (14,499 km) and a scheduled flight time of 17 hours and 20 minutes make this fight Nr. 3 on the list of longest non-stop passenger flights ever: Qantas’ connection between London Heathrow and Perth, Australia. This might sound like madness to some while to others it’s a checkbox on their travel bucket list.

If you’re in the latter group, this might be an offer for you. You can buy tickets for prices starting at €873 (~£738). A checked bag up to 30kg is included in this price. Fares haven’t been so low for quite a while.

Not the cheapest price, but an incredible experience.

The airline will operate a Boeing 787 an all flights. Due to features such as higher humidity and cabin pressure, chances of arriving at your destination without dry eyes or headache are higher than with other aircraft models. Of course, the long flight time will still take its toll.

Search & Book

According to the fare rules, tickets will be sold until January 31, 2020. The fare rules give a bevy of possible travel periods and contradicting blockout periods, so allow us to narrow it down for you – flights at the lowest fare are available in late October and November 2020. Singular dates can be found in April and May 2020.

You’ll have to stay in Australia for at least two days or one night from Saturday to Sunday, and the maximum you can spend in the ‘Land down under’ before returning to Europe is 6 months.

Use Google Flights (instructions). The tool will show you all available connections and also forward you to Qantas website for booking if you wish. Another option is comparing prices via our flight search, which will save you some money and also result in paying the promoted price.


Tickets for this insane flight will be issued either in booking class N or O. Both will get you 25% with some Oneworld frequent flyer programs. But you can also get an earning rate of 100% with Qantas partner Alaska Airlines. Here’s an overview of the miles you could be credited with:

  • 7,250 on China Eastern Eastern Miles
  • 7,250 on LATAM Pass
  • 7,250 on Finnair Plus
  • 4,500 on Alaska Mileage Plan
  • 4,500 on British Airways Executive Club
  • 4,500 on American AAdvantage
  • 4,500 on Iberia Plus
  • 4,500 on Emirates Skywards
  • 4,500 on Aer Lingus AerClub
Data provided by Without guarantee on correctness.

Further, each leg is worth 30 tier points in British Airways Executive Club.

Information & Tips for Australia

Australia, also know as ‘Down Under’, is an absolute dream destination because of its distance to Europe and its beautiful countryside. But because it’s so far away, the flights are costly. Nevertheless, there is always Dealz for less than 1.000€.

Best Time to Visit

Australia is a vast country with different climate zones. Summers (November to February) are hot and mostly dry, winters (June to September) are relatively mild.

Entry & Visa

Most European citizens require an eVisa which has to be issued before your arrival. You can apply online, and the process will be free of charge.

All Dealz for Australia

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  1. It’s a shame that you are posting so many business class deals an so less good economy dealz out of Europe….


    • Hi Greg, glad you liked the Qantas deal🙂 It is indeed a special flight, and the price is great at the moment. Also, thanks so much for your feedback! It is vital for us to hear what readers think about our Dealz so we can adjust our offers accordingly. It can sometimes be tricky to find the correct balance. But we will definitely keep trying to promote as many good economy class dealz as we can find – promised!


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