Pestana Hotels: Up to 35% Discount, Free Breakfast & Wellness

pestana bahia praia azores

Portuguese hotel chain Pestana is offering some interesting discounts, with the highest reaching up to 35% (sometimes even higher). To take advantage of this offer, you have to travel before April 1st, 2021. Their so-called Long Stay offer starts with a 14-19% discount, but the longer you stay, the higher your discount will become.

Amenities like free Wi-Fi, spa and gym access are included in this offer, if available. Participating hotels are mainly holiday resorts in Portugal’s Algarve. Further, hotels in Berlin, Miami, Porto, Lisbon, and Madeira are part of the offer as well. The most exotic destination is Pestana Bahia Praia on Azore Island Sao Miguel. Some hotels even through free breakfast into the mix.

pestana churchill
46% discount for 5 nights in Churchill Bay, incl. breakfast

Search & Book

You can just follow a link above and select one of the two ongoing promotions If you are planning to spend more than a single night, we recommend selecting the Long Stay offer:

Pestana Hotels Longstay
For more than one night, Long Stay grants the highest discounts.

Then pick a hotel from the drop down menu. Further down you’ll find a gallery, highlighting participating hotels & resorts as well as their lowest rate offered. Rooms rates are displayed with the discount already applied.

There is no need for advance payment to use these offers. A further discount will be given to members of Pestana’s reward program.

Participating hotels are near the airports displayed on the map.

Cover Picture: © Pestana Hotel Group

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