Norwegian Krone Slump Drops Ticket Prices from Norway for Eurozone Passengers

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Caused by a dramatic shift in currency exchange rates, it is now possible to purchase flights from Norway at an involuntary discount. Since airlines sell their tickets in local currency, the decline of the Norwegian Krone allows for cheap flights from Norwegian airports if you’re paying in a foreign currency.


We are fully aware that it is morally ambiguous to take advantage of this situation. We still feel committed to keep you updated on possible ways to travel for as little money as possible. Further, we are consciously not using monetized links in this article.

Last Friday, just before the world start spinning ten times faster than it did before, I considered treating myself to a Qatar Airways business class round trip from Oslo to Cape Town. The price was locked in around NOK 15,000, which would have been around โ‚ฌ1,450. Considering the general uncertainty these days, I decided to refrain from booking. Yesterday, I was going to check another deal from Oslo to Johannesburg – prices displayed were around โ‚ฌ1,150. When I verified the fares at Qatar Airways website, I saw that the NOK price was essentially the same – around NOK 15,000.

NOK EUR Currency Exchange
The Norwegian Krone took a nosedive this week.

That got me curious and I decided to check the currency exchange rates. Consider me mildly shocked as I noticed that the plummeting oil price and Covid-19 based crisis deeply shook the Norwegian Krone. It lost about 15% of its value in Euro since Friday. Because prices in Norwegian Kroner remained the same, passengers from the eurozone can right now buy tickets with departure from Oslo for 10-15% less money than usual. This equals a few hundred euros on premium tickets.

Proceed With Caution

This only works if your method of payment is based on a currency like Euro or US-Dollar. In contrast, Pound Sterling won’t work that well, as this currency got its own problems. Further, you need to check if your credit institute uses a similar exchange rate to the issuing airline.

The Norwegian national bank has already announced considering counter measures. Airlines will adjust their prices. This imbalance may not last for long.


We currently advise strongly against any bookings in the first half of 2020. Further, check the current rebooking and cancellation regulations by airlines.

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