LOT Mileage Bargains: Non-Stop Business Class to Chicago from Warsaw for 55,000 Miles + €189 r/t

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LOT is once again offering some good Miles&More mileage bargains. Departing from Warsaw, you can get to Chicago (and back) for only 55,000 miles and PLN 890 (~€190) in business class.

These comparatively low taxes and fees make the journey to Poland very worthwhile. For comparison: additional payments of €540 (or more) are now common for flights with the Lufthansa Group.

However, the trips must take place between March 1 and April 30, 2023.

The mere PLN 890 (~€190) surcharges make this a fantastic deal

Feel free to use our search form to find available dates at Miles&More. It may take you a couple of tries to find available dates. Remember, the flights have to take place the trips must take place between March 1 and April 30, 2023.

Hotel in Warsaw

Many of you may consider flying to Warsaw to take advantage of this deal. You could decide to visit Warsaw’s beautiful city centre as part of your trip. Should you, however, not even want to leave the airport premises, you can stay at the 5-star Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel for only PLN 390 (~€83).

Cover Picture: © LOT

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  1. Sokratino says:

    Hi, at the end of first sentence of description it is written BUSINESS CLASS, but according to screenshot and headline it seems to be PREMIUM ECONOMY…

  2. Markus says:

    Hello Peer,

    one question:
    Is it possible to check availability without having enough award miles on my M&M account?
    I could transfer enough miles, but I only would do so if I knew that my desired flight is available.

    1000 thanks,

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Hi Markus,
      Miles&More will display award flights even if you don’t have enough miles to actually purchase them. If you use the search form at the bottom of the deal, you will be redirected to Miles&More’s site, where the available flights will be displayed. However, the availability is very low, especially for these LOT bargain flights, so it’s very likely that there simply won’t be any available flights any more.

      • Markus says:

        Hi Ditmar,
        thank you for your reply.
        In fact, I am redirected, but the site I am redirected to doesn’t perform the search but says that I don’t have got enough award miles to buy. That may be because I even haven’t got 7,000 miles to buy anything…
        Just wanted to search for any possibility to get a business class flight from Europe to the US in the summer holidays by miles and thougt this could be a possibility worth trying. 🙁

        Best regards,

        • Ditmar Lange says:

          If you have a specific route and dates in mind, I’ll check it for you

          • Markus says:

            Hi Ditmar,

            that would be great.
            To be honest, there are many routes that would fit.
            We live in Berlin, that would be ideal, but we could start and/or end almost anywere in the EU.
            We want to fly to NYC (JFK/EWR/LGA) from Europe and return from SMY or SFO or LAS or (last preferred choice) LAX to Europe.

            Outbound not earlier than July 18th, Inbound not later than August 17th. We would like to stay in the US for 18 to 23 days in total.
            Flights should be at least Premium Eco, US–>Europe should be Business if possible.
            4 persons: 2 adults, 1x 12/13 year-old, 1x 8 year-old.
            But just for 1 or two would probably work also, as we would buy the remaining tickets.

            Many thanks and best regards,

          • Ditmar Lange says:

            There are 4 available business class seats from Berlin to JFK on July 19. There are also 4 seats on the way back on August 6-10 (any of those days).
            However, this only seems to work if you book it as a JFK roundtrip. I wasn’t able to find anything from the West Coast (except for economy class from LAS).
            The cost per person for a business class round trip to New York is 112,000 miles + €700 in fees and taxes. However, you can cut the cost down to roughly €400 by departing from Copenhagen instead of Berlin.

  3. American says:

    I don’t see any availability for June.
    If I book the ticket for May can I still rebook it for June paying 25€ or this will not work either because there has to be availability?

    • Peer says:

      Yes, you need availability in LOT Business Class to rebook. So that won’t work.

      Sometimes availability does increase during the month. If I were you, I’d make sure to check the Miles&More website regularly. Or even better, use Expertflyer’s premium subscription in order to receive an e-mail when the desired award booking class is available.

  4. Stefan says:

    you cannot enter India as a tourist.
    They suspended visa application for a while now.

    Funny is they didn’t claim responsibility over this decision, instead the e-visa website is down for a month 🙂

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