Daily Getaways: Buy Choice Points With up to 50% Bonus and Book Hotels Starting at €41

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Choice Privileges, Choice Hotels’ loyalty program, is currently selling award points with a 50% bonus. That enables you to buy Choice Points for roughly 0.51 Euro-cents per point and to sleep in many hotels at a very low price.

Choice Points can be especially valuable in Scandinavia as by buying points you can often save over 50% on your hotel stays. Other countries, such as the UK or Germany are also worth taking a look at. You should, however, also consider if you’ll be able to spend the points in the near future as simply accumulating points without a precise purpose is generally not recommendable.

Buy Points for 0.51 Cents per Point

Choice regularly sells the points with a 40% bonus, or a 30% discount, just like they are now. Nevertheless, the bonus depends on the number of points that you purchase:

  • 14,000 points for [cUSD]84 [/c] (0.59 cents per point)
  • 28,000 points for US$155 (~€158) (0.54 cents per point)
  • 42,000 points for US$220 (~€224) (0.51 cents per point)
  • 55,000 points for US$285 (~€290) (0.51 cents per point)

The 55,000 points package is already sold out.

If you wish to buy points, simply click on the following Link, enter your account credentials and select the number of points that you wish to purchase:

image 164

Please be aware that it takes up to 3 weeks for the points to be credited.

Book Hotels Starting at €41

If you have bought the points as described above, you’ll receive them within 24 hours, followed by a confirmation email. Now you can start redeeming them for hotels. In and outside Europe, you can get an award night starting at 8,000 points.

Choice Awards divides hotels into nine categories with fixed prices for award nights. Based on a purchase at 0.51 cent per point, you can expect the following prices:

  • Category 1: 6,000 points (0.00€) – nicht in Europa
  • Category 2: 8,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 3: 10,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 4: 12,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 5: 16,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 6: 20,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 7: 25,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 8: 30,000 points (0.00€)
  • Category 9: 75,000 points (0.00€)

If you pay 0.51 cents per point, this adds up to a room rate of €41. In expensive countries, such as Sweden, it is remarkable how many hotels fall into the cheapest categories.

To give an example, the Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm only costs 10,000 points per night. A regularly purchased night, however, can often cost €100 or even more, as you can see in the following example for October 2021:

The Clarion Sign Stockholm usually costs SEK 1,790 (~€164) per night including breakfast.

In the above example, by buying the points, you’d be paying €51 instead of SEK 1,790 (~€164) – saving over 50%!

Choice Hotels are also attractive because:

  • in almost all hotels (in Scandinavia) a generous breakfast buffet is included
  • Clarion Collection hotels even serve a light dinner for free
  • some hotels not only offer a standard room but even Superior rooms and family rooms for 8,000 points.

You should, however, be aware that award nights are available up to 100 days before arrival. At least, however, award nights are then cancellable for free.


Choice Privileges may change prices for award nights at any time. We therefore advise you to use them as soon as possible after purchase.

Past Promotions

Choice regularly gives up to 40% bonus – but never more. Only once a year you can get the best rates during their Daily Getaways special.

TimeOfferBest Price per 1,000 pointsAnmerkung
July 2022Daily Getaways$5.19Daily Getaways, only once yearly
April 202240% Bonus$7.32
January 202225% Discount$7.92
October 2021Daily Getaways$5.19Daily Getaways, only once yearly
November 2020Up to 40% Bonus$7.12

Status Match to Choice Privileges

Hint: Choice Hotels offers a simple status match. The benefits are sadly quite weak, but as it’s for free, why not do it?

In Scandinavia “Nordic Choice Hotels”, another loyalty program, has better benefits. You can redeem regular Choice Points, but the status will not always be recognized.

Translated by Ditmar Lange

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