Marriott International: These 5-Star Hotels Cost You Less Than €75/Night

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Marriott International is the largest hotel chain in the world (by the number of rooms), with approximately 8,000 hotels worldwide. Most of the time, however, Marriott hotels are rather expensive, especially in the 5-star segment. But there are also some exceptions. We have searched them for you and found 18 hotels that cost less than €75. Since only 4 of them are in Europe, we’ve added another 4 hotels in Europe under €100.


We do not claim that these hotels are consistently available for under €75 on any date. Also, there may be another hotel that we missed, as it was more expensive on each of the dates checked.

These are the 5-star Marriott hotels that cost up to €75:

And the following hotels are also available in Europe for less than €100:

Here you can see all the hotels on a map:

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Unlike Hilton and InterContinental, Marriott appears to be less prevalent in Mexico, South America, and China, while having more to offer in Southeast Asia. But also in Europe, Marriott has more to offer than expected. After all, there are eight 5-star hotels in Europe for less than €100, even if of course not in the expensive cities. Perhaps some Marriott fans will now be considering spending their next holiday in Warsaw or Zagreb.

Cover Picture: © Marriott

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