Rosetta Stone Promo Code: 30% Discount on Online Foreign Language Lessons


Language learning tool Rosetta Stone provides you with the opportunity to learn new languages in a unique way. Their Dynamic Immersion teaching method makes it supposedly easier to speak foreign languages, without spending hours on learning vocabulary and grammar.

30% Rosetta Stone Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Valid until December 31, 2021 on Rosetta Stone's British website. Valid for classes in English.
Valid until December 31, 2021 on Rosetta Stone's British website. Valid for classes in English.

With this Rosetta Stone promo code, you can get 30% off any type of package they offer. This offer is valid for all language. While you can only learn one language at a time, you could theoretically learn all languages Rosetta Stone teaches consecutively. The discounted prices are:

  • One Year subscription: £132 (~€153) instead of £199 (~€231).
  • Two Year Subscription: £195 (~€226) instead of £279 (~€324).
  • Lifetime Subscription: £244 (~€283) instead of £349 (~€405).
Rosetta Stone Starter Discount
Nice savings on a 24 months subscription.

Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Training

Rosetta Stone uses a different approach to learning new languages. The method is called Dynamic Immersion and the Idea behind it is learning a new language like a small child learns its native tongue. That means no need to study vocabulary and grammar in a classical sense.

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To learn a new language you need dedication, patience and longevity. Therefore, a year or two year long subscription makes most sense. You gain access to all 24 languages Rosetta Stone offers, but can always learn just one language at a time.

You can access Rosetta Stone on your computer as well as your smartphone or tablet. Downloading lessons for offline learning is possible, as well.

Rosetta Stone charges £249 (~€289) for lifetime access without additional tutoring. A yearly subscription comes with the price tag of £108 (~€125).

Learn 24 New Languages

You can boost your learning curve in these 24 languages with Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone Languages

Redeem Rosetta Stone Coupon

Select either the one or two year package subscription. The payment button will pop up on the right side of your desktop. Click Have A Promo Code?, enter it and hit Apply. The amount will be redacted from your total.

Redeem Rosetta Stone Coupon

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Comments (2)

  1. Ole says:

    actual lifetime version 199€ – direct on RS website

    • Felix says:

      Hi Ole!
      The offer you’ve pointed out is only valid for people already speaking German, wanting to learn another language. Our coupons are valid for people speaking English, wanting to learn another language.

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