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Pro & Cons of Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles


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Turkish Airlines named its frequent flyer program Miles&Smiles.

  • Only 40,000 tier miles are needed for Star Alliance Gold status.
  • Status is valid for 2 years.
  • Re-qualification is rather easy. 25,000 tier miles in your first year or 37,500 within two years will keep you golden – at least if you live outside of Turkey.
  • Softlanding, if you can’t qualify for your current status level again. If you manage to reach Elite Plus, you could keep Star Alliance Gold for up to 4 years without earning miles.
  • Free on-board WiFi for Elite member and higher
  • Lower earning rate for award miles. Some booking classes (e.g., Lufthansa K, L, and P) won’t earn you any miles at all.
  • The carrier’s website isn’t the best. Even differences in mileage charts depending on the selected language can’t be ruled out.

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