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Many of us at Travel-Dealz, have always been documenting our flights. First, on paper, then at, and now at my.flightradar24 (formerly Flightdiary). Accumulating statistics about your flights is both important and interesting for many frequent flyers & avgeeks. It is often nice to see the flights and places that one flew to on a map. It’s basically a diary, but for flights.

How Does it Work?

Simply enter your flights and you will not only get a nice map, but also statistics:

Flight Diary Statistik
How often did you fly in each class?

my.Flightradar24 also automatically knows which aircraft type you were on. From this and other data, you’ll get further exciting statistics:

myflightradar Statistik
Many different statistics

You can also see your statistics for a specific year! This site is sort of built up like a community. You can rate airports, airlines, and airplanes, and also share your statistics with friends.


The design of the statistics is well-thought-out – it is not a mess of too much information. Entering the flights is easier than on the other sites. You can simply get all the flight’s information from‘s database and don’t have to research it yourself.
Thanks to Facebook being embedded, you can also see your friends’ stats, and where they are currently flying to. You can also brag on Facebook & Twitter, that you’re currently sitting on a plane to New York. A great thing!

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  1. Markus Heugster, Meilen-Jäger says:

    Oh noooo! My flights are all on http://www.flightradar.de

    Ufff…. I cannot move > 1’000 flights to that new platform… Too much hassle

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