Easyjet Plus at £215/€239 per Year – Worth the Investment?

Easyjet Innsbruck

Low cost airline Easyjet positioned itself as one of the most important airlines in Europe. Having strong market shares in the most relevant aviation markets in Europe, it looks like Easyjet’s future is bright and its relevance is nothing but increasing.

Easyjet does not have a frequent flyer program like most other airlines do. But just recently Easyjet introduced a new membership called Easyjet Plus that you can purchase for £215 (~€250).

easyjet plus

We had a closer look at the program and analysed if and when it’s worth spending the fee.

Which Benefits Does Easyjet Plus Include?

The program promises the following benefits on each Easyjet flight:

  • Free seat choice: You can select seats free of charge when booking your flights. Included are also seats in the first row and emergency row.
  • Fast baggage drop: If you are traveling with checked baggage there’s a dedicated bag drop desk for Easyjet Plus members. However the cost for checked baggage is not included.
  • Fast track security control: At selected airports you can use fast track security.
  • Speedy boarding: You can enter the airplane as one of the first passengers and have guaranteed space in the overhead bins for your hand luggage.
  • Additional cabin bag: Additionally to your hand luggage (56 x 45 x 25 cm) you can take a small personal item with you (45 x 36 x 20 cm). The personal item has to be stored under the seat in front of you.
  • Earlier flight for free: If availability permits, you can rebook your ticket to an earlier flight. You just have to be at the airport 3 hours to 60 minutes before and talk to a check-in agent. Make sure to have the Easyjet Plus card with you.
  • Price promise: If you find a cheaper fare on easyjet.com after booking your flight, Easyjet will refund you the difference. Excluded are fares promoted as part of a promotional offer. This is a loop hole for Easyjet to reject any price promise request.

Is Easyjet Plus worth it?

According to our research a front row seat can be anything between €21.49 and €31. An emergency row seat can be anything between €20-25. With these seats a second hand luggage item, fast baggage drop and speedy boarding would already be included.

Easyjet Upfront Seats
A front row seat from Tegel to Basel costs €21.49.

If you are flying regularly between Tegel and Basel for example, the expenses would be recouped after 6 round trips if you anyway would have booked a front row seat.

Additionally Easyjet Plus includes fast track security, the price promise and an earlier flight for free. These benefits are hard to put into monetary terms.

A good indication could be that some airports sell fast track security control for €4 (Mallorca) or GBP 5 (London Stansted). Your perceived benefit also depends on if you are traveling during peak times or not.

The option to book an earlier flight can be useful on highly frequented routes where Easyjet is offering multiple connections a day. If you book your travel on seperate tickets, leaving a safety gap for connecting is smart (in case your first flight has a delay). With Easyjet Plus this makes even more sense because if you arrive on time with your first flight, you may be able to rebook to the earlier flight if available without any financial disadvantages.

The price promise is a very vague formulation. Especially the exclusion of fares promoted as part of a promotional offer is a loop hole for Easyjet to reject any price promise request. Generally speaking Easyjet prices increase the closer you get to the flight date. In any way, you can monitor the flight costs with Google Flights and give it a try should the flights become cheaper for some reason.

My Experiences with Easyjet Plus

I am using Easyjet Plus on a regulary base. My experiences are mostly positive. Speedy boarding works pretty well in comparison to other low cost airlines. Often you will also have free seats next to you as in many cases Easyjet does not sell all of their front row and emergency row seats.

Speedy boarding also makes sure that you can really take two hand luggage items on board. Sometimes flights are very full so that hand luggage items have to be checked in. This can increase your travel time significantly since you will have to wait at the baggage carousel for your baggage to arrive.


Purchasing an Easyjet Plus membership does not immediately give you access to the benefits. It will take a few hours until it works as apparently memberships are manually approved. This is what happened to me and when I reached out to the customer support, this was their explanation.

Did you make any experiences with Easyjet Plus yet? Please let us know in the comments below.


Easyjet Plus can be extremely beneficial if you anyway travel a lot with Easyjet and usually book front row seats or exit row seats. It can be even more beneficial if your travel falls into peak hour times. In that case fast track security control can add some nice comfort to your travel. The earlier flight for free option is great, for example if you travel for business and some meetings are done quicker than anticipated.

A great addition to Easyjet Plus can be Priority Pass. This will give you the additional benefit of entering an airport lounge (if available), no matter which airline you are flying with. The combination of Easyjet Plus and Priority Pass can give you more benefits than an elite status with some airlines.

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