Can I get Other People’s Miles Credited to my Account?

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We often get the question, if it is possible to get the miles of a friend or relative credited to your own account. The quick answer is: no! There are, however, exceptions at some programs, especially for relatives.


Basically, earning someone else’s miles is sadly not possible. This has a very simple reason: The point of frequent flyer programs (for the airline), is to create customer loyalty. You get benefits for always continuing to fly with the same airline, as well as miles, which you can spend. If your friend now flies on that airline, the airline doesn’t have a reason to “reward” you, giving you his miles, as your friend probably didn’t choose that airline because of the miles he could give you.

For that same reason, most programs also don’t allow transferring miles between accounts. For example, there is absolutely no way to do this in the following programs:

  • Air China Phoenix Miles
  • AirFrance/KLM FlyingBlue (except with a French FlyingBlue American Express Platinum Card)
  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • Alitalia MilleMiglia
  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
  • Delta SkyMiles
  • Eurowings Boomerang Club
  • LATAM Pass
  • SAS Eurobonus
  • Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
  • Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus
  • United Mileage Plus


Some programs, however, are a bit more generous and offer exceptions. Nevertheless, most of them limit this to relatives. Also, the miles usually have to first be credited to the flyer’s account and can only be transferred or combined afterward. Please note: With the exception of EgyptAir Plus, the programs only allow sharing award miles, and not status miles.

Aegean Miles&Bonus

Silver and Gold Aegean Miles&Bonus members can add up to 5 other members to their Together Account. In this account, miles can be earned together and also be spent. This is however not possible for Blue members.

British Airways Executive Club

British Airways allows up to seven people, living in the same household, to earn their miles in a household account. All members, that are part of this household account, can redeem the miles.

Warning: If you decide to join a household account, it becomes far more complicated to redeem the miles for people, who are not a member of the household account. To do that, you first have to create a “Family and Friends list” and add them to it.

EgyptAir Plus

The exception among the exceptions: Here, relatives can even earn status miles together, which is why we dedicated an entire post to this program:

Emirates Skywards

In EmiratesSkywards program, up to 8 relatives can earn miles together in a family account. To do that, a family account has to be created. Every member can decide it all miles or only a percentage of the miles are to be credited to the family account instead of its own account.

Etihad Guest

Also in the neighboring Emirate, at Etihad Guest, up to 8 relatives can earn miles together in a family-pool. The miles will then be administered by a family-head. The miles are, however, only accumulated in a mileage pool and members can still use the miles that they earned themselves.


As long as you’re living in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria, Miles&More is one of the more customer-friendly programs in this regard. Up to two adults, as well as five children, can bundle their award miles. You would have a virtually joint account, the Mileage Pool. You just need to have an own Miles&More account. Miles can be redeemed by either one of the adults.

MilesMore Meilenpooling
This is how the Miles&More Mileage Pool works (ยฉ Miles&More)

While the limitation of 2 adults and 5 children is naturally made for families, Miles&More explicitly talks about “Family&Friends”. Therefore, you could also earn your miles together with a buddy. More about this here:

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles

Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles offers earning miles collectively for relatives. Similar to Aegean, you have to be a status-member at Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles, meaning Classic Plus or higher. A family membership makes it possible for the miles of the main member to be joined with those of his spouse or children under the age of 25. With a family membership, all miles earned by relatives on Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance flights, as well as program partners, will be added to your account.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Just like with Etihad and Emirates, families can also earn miles in a joint account at Qatar Airways over the “Family Programme“.

Other Programs

These programs also allow earning miles together with relatives:

  • AeroMexico Club Premier
  • ANA Mileage Club (member outside Japan)
  • JetBlue TrueBlue
  • Hawaiian Airlines Hawaiian Miles
  • JAL Mileage Bank (member outside Japan)
  • JetAirways JetPrivilege
  • Korean Air SkyPass
  • Virgin Australia Velocity


Generally, it isn’t possible to simply get someone else’s miles credited to your own account. Some programs at least allow earning miles together for relatives. This, however, always requires joining the accounts.

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