Error Fares

Error Fare

Booking an error fare is like finding a needle in a haystack. Just better. Much better! Not matter if it's a zero that is missing or if the fuel surcharge has been dropped: prices for error fares are typically lower compared to what you'd usually pay.

TIp: Normally, you can't book an error fare for more than a couple of hours. To make sure that you won't miss the next error fare, subscribe to our newsletter or let the keyword alert notify you so we can always keep you posted!

Those super low fares are mistakes that airlines make that lead to prices way lower than they should be. For example, someone forgets to add a zero at the end of a sum. Or the fuel surcharge is not included in the fare. This can sometimes even be used to provoke an error. By booking open-jaw flights to countries that have different rules for fuel surcharges, it can sometimes disappear altogether.

Of course, price errors don't just happen with flights but also with hotels. That way you could end up sleeping in the best luxury resort for the same money you'd typically pay for a cheap hostel.

If you're lucky, there might be a current error fare that you can book. Just have a look around: