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Qatar Qsuite

Qatar Airways’ Qsuites are widely regarded as the best Business Class product currently available. They are superior in many ways to other airlines’ Business Class as well as Qatar Airways’ own, regular premium cabin. Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem concerning Qsuites – since they aren’t installed on the majority of QR’s long haul planes, you can never be sure if you will actually be able to enjoy them.

If you’re looking for Business Class flights on, you’ll solemnly be able to tell which flights feature Qsuites and which won’t. Despite publishing a list covering routes on which Qsuites will be available, it seems to be partly incomplete and out of date.

Because of that, we’ve compiled a list including all Qsuites destinations and which aircraft serve them. Furthermore, we’ll explain how you can make sure that you’ll be enjoying the best Business Class there is on your next Qatar Airways flight.

Current QSuite offers


The QSuite is currently offered for the following destinations from Doha:


Attention! The following information is not binding in any way. Qatar Airways can change flight equipment at any given time without further notice. This can result in flying a regular Business Class plane, even though a Qsuite has been advertised. Even on the day of departure flight equipment can and will be changed. This doesn’t result in you being able to change or cancel your flight free of charge. You’ll only be able to book Business Class, not Qsuite. So any Business Class will suffice.


DestinationAircraftFlight Number
Berlin-Tegel* [TXL]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 77/78
QR 81/82
Frankfurt/Main [FRA]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 69/70
Munich [MUC]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 57/58
QR 59/60
Zurich [ZRH]
Airbus A350-900QR 95/96
Amsterdam [AMS]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 273/274
London-Heathrow [LHR]
United Kingdom
Airbus A350-1000
Airbus A350-900
Boeing 777-300ER
QR 1/2
QR 5/6
QR 7/8
QR 15/16
Paris [CDG]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 37/38
Stockholm [ARN]
Airbus A350-900QR 171/172

*Only once or twice weekly a Qsuite fitted 777 finds her way to Berlin. Most flights are operated without Qsuites.


DestinationAircraftFlight Number
Bangkok [BKK]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 830/831
Bangalore [BLR]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 572/573
Mumbai [BOM]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 556/557
Colombo [CMB]
Sri Lanka
Airbus A350-900
(mostly LATAM, no QSuite)
QR 668/669
Hong Kong [HKG]Boeing 777-300ERQR 816/815
QR 818/817
Maledives [MLE]Airbus A350-900QR 672/673
QR 674/675
Shanghai [PVG]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 870/871
Beijing [PEK]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 892/895
QR 896/895
Singapore [SIN]Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 777-200LR
Airbus A350-1000
QR 942/943
QR 944/945
QR 946/947
Tokyo [NRT]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 806/807
Tokyo [HND]
Airbus A350-1000QR 812/813


DestinationAircraftFlight Number
Canberra [CBR]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 906/907
via Sydney
Sydney [SYD]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 906/907
Auckland* [AKL]
New Zealand
Boeing 777-200LRQR 920/921

*Flights from Doha to Auckland may be operated by 777-200LR without Qsuite equipment. However, there are only two planes with regular Business Class left. Those will probably be retrofitted over the next months.


DestinationAircraftFlight Number
Chicago [ORD]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 725/726
Houston [IAH]
Boeing 777-200LR
Boeing 777-300ER
QR 713/714
New York [JFK]
Airbus A350-1000QR 701/702
QR 703/704
Washington D.C. [IAD]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 707/708
Los Angeles [LAX]
Boeing 777-200LR
Boeing 777-300ER
QR 739/740
Dallas [DFW]
Boeing 777-300ERQR 729/730
Sao Paulo [GRU]
Boeing 777-200LRQR 773/774
Buenos Aires [EZE]
Boeing 777-200LRQR 773/774
via Sao Paulo

Middle East

According to their website, Qatar Airways also offers Qsuite services to Kuwait City, Muscat and Beyrut. However, these airports are served multiple times daily and rarely with long haul aircraft. It’s like a gamble to expect Qsuites on this particular routes.


Qatar Airways is set on retrofitting their older Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 777-200LR planes with Qsuites. In addition, every newly delivered A350-900 and A350-1000 is equipped with Qsuites.

That gives you the following probabilities to enjoy the world’s finest Business Class:

  • Boeing 777-300ER: 25 of 48 Planes = 52%
  • Boeing 777-200LR: 7 of 9 Planes = 78%
  • Airbus A350-900: 8 of 33 Planes = 25%
  • Airbus A350-1000: 8 of 8 Planes = 100%

Since Qatar Airways uses its retrofitted Boeing 777-300ER predominantly on the routes mentioned above, chances are higher than 52% on these. Therefore chances are much lower on routes operated by 777-300ER, but unmentioned in this article.

Boeing 777-300ER

Qatar Airways first introduced the Qsuite on its Boeing 777-300ER fleet. QR operates more Boeing 777-300ER than any other type of aircraft. Therefore, there are more 777-300ER equipped with Qsuites than other plane types combined.

Following planes have been retrofitted:

  1. A7-BAF
  2. A7-BAG
  3. A7-BAM
  4. A7-BAX
  5. A7-BEB
  6. A7-BED
  7. A7-BEE
  8. A7-BEF
  9. A7-BEG
  10. A7-BEI
  11. A7-BEJ
  12. A7-BEK
  13. A7-BEL
  14. A7-BEM
  15. A7-BEN
  16. A7-BEO
  17. A7-BEP
  18. A7-BEQ
  19. A7-BER
  20. A7-BES
  21. A7-BET
  22. A7-BEU
  23. A7-BEV
  24. A7-BEW
  25. A7-BEX

It is expected to take one up to two years before the entire Boeing 777-300ER fleet is equipped with Qsuites.

Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing developed its 777-200LR (long range) for ultra long haul flights and Qatar Airways uses it accordingly by serving Houston, Auckland and Sao Paulo nonstop from Doha. None other member of QR’s fleet could operate these flights.

Following planes are equipped with Qsuites:

  1. A7-BBA
  2. A7-BBB
  3. A7-BBC
  4. A7-BBD
  5. A7-BBE
  6. A7-BBG
  7. A7-BBI

We expect the remaining two planes to be retrofitted during Summer 2019.

Airbus A350-900

Being its launch customer in 2014, many of Qatar Airways’ A350-900 had already been delivered when the Qsuite concept was introduced. As a result, only a few planes have been delivered including the new Business Class design.

These planes are:

  1. A7-ALY
  2. A7-ALZ
  3. A7-AME
  4. A7-AMF
  5. A7-AMG
  6. A7-AMH
  7. A7-AMI
  8. A7-AMJ
  9. A7-AMK (not yet delivered)

Currently there are no plans to retrofit the remaining A350-900, since there are just four years old or even younger.

Airbus A350-1000

Qatar Airways is this type’s launch customer as well, receiving its first A350-1000 in early 2018. As a result, all planes of this type are and will be equipped with Qsuites.

  1. A7-ANA
  2. A7-ANB
  3. A7-ANC
  4. A7-AND
  5. A7-ANE
  6. A7-ANF
  7. A7-ANG
  8. A7-ANH
  9. A7-ANI (not yet delivered)

Models without Qsuites

The following aircraft types are operated by Qatar Airways as well, but are not equipped with Qsuites. Some of them may be retrofitted, while some of them won’t:

  • Airbus A380-800: Won’t be retrofitted. On one hand, these planes are already equipped with a First Class cabin. On the other hand, they will be phased out.
  • Boeing 787-8: Maybe retrofitted. They already have highly comfortable Reverse Herringbone seating, making a redesign less urgent.
  • Airbus A330-200/300: Maybe retrofitted. There is no long term plan on whether QR intends to keep them as part of their fleet or not. They defintely won’t be retrofitted before the entire 777 fleet is done.
  • Airbus A340-600: Won’t be retrofitted. These planes will be phased out and replaced by more economically A350 jets.
  • Airbus A321/A320/A319: Can’t be retrofitted. These are single aisle planes, their cabin width is not designed to economically operate Qsuites.

Will there be Qsuite service on my flight?

The best way to make sure your flight will be operated using Qsuites in Business Class is to have a look at the seat map.

We recommend doing this is using expertflyer. The Qsuite is easily recognizable as in the picture below:

Expertflyer Qatar QSuite Seatmap
Qsuite seatmap at ExpertFlyer.


The introduction of Qsuites does not go as smooth and quickly as planned. Because of this, Qatar Airways is too often unable to reassure passengers if Qsuites will be available or not. The replacemant of flight equipment and a resulting change of Business Class product happens too often, and mostly without notice.

Have you found any destinations with a high probabilty or certainty of Qsuit service? Be sure to leave a comment!

Cover Picture: © Qatar Airways


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