Without Baggage: Turkish Airlines Introduces Light Fare for Flights to Turkey

Turkish Airlines Airbus A321

The list of full-service carriers in Europe is getting shorter and shorter. Turkish Airlines will also revise its fare structure in May 2022 – and remove the baggage allowance in the cheapest fare. According to abouttravel.ch, this emerges from a statement from the company.

From May 11, 2022, the previous economy fares to and from Turkey will be replaced by EcoFly, ExtraFly, and PrimeFly. These are already known from Turkish domestic flights, but the scope of services will be reduced again in May.

New Fare Structure from May 11, 2022

According to Turkish Airlines, the exact range of fares may vary by market. In essence, however, the new fares include:

Economy EcoFly:

  • 8 kg hand luggage
  • No checked luggage
  • Snack or meal

Economy ExtraFly:

  • All services of EcoFly
  • 23 kg checked luggage
  • Seat selection (without exit row, etc.)
  • More miles
  • Rebooking for a fee

Economy PrimeFly:

  • All services of ExtraFly
  • 30 kg checked luggage
  • Same day change at no extra charge
  • Fast track
  • Rebooking without a fee
  • Refund for a fee

Compared to the current fare structure, what is particularly striking is the elimination of checked baggage in the low-cost economy fare. Up until now, even the cheapest Economy Promotions fare allowed 30 kg of baggage allowance, but this will no longer apply in the future. A fully flexible economy fare no longer seems to be offered in the future, as even in PrimeFly, there is a cancellation fee.

There will also be changes in business class. You can find the new fare details in a list at About Travel.

The new fares will be available for booking from May 11, 2022. If you’re planning to book, you should probably do so beforehand, because compared to the current fares, these new fares are almost entirely worse.

For the time being, only Turkish domestic flights and international flights originating or ending in Turkey are affected. On other routes, such as Europe – Istanbul – Asia, the competitive pressure from airlines from the Middle East is probably (still) too high.


Another full-service carrier is beginning to cut back on its included services. At least the long-haul fares remain untouched for the time being, and there is still free onboard catering on trips to Turkey. Compared to many other airlines, such as 5-star Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines (a 3-star airline according to Skytrax) is thus still well-positioned.

The question of how Turkish Airlines deals with status customers becomes interesting. With many airlines, the free checked baggage is not included in the light fare, even for Star Alliance Gold members. Turkish Airlines has not yet provided any information on this.

Source: abouttravel.ch via airliners.de

Cover Picture: Kevin Hackert

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