South Africa Opens Borders to all Travelers


South Africa is surely a popular destination among Travel-Dealz readers. It is an especially great place to escape from the winter, as it’s summer there while we are freezing up here in Europe.

Originally, South Africa had scheduled the reopening of its borders for February 2021. Surprisingly, however, we’ve heard about South Africa wanting to let tourists enter the country from October 1 – but only from low-risk countries, which didn’t include many European countries.

Now, however, South Africa has made some changes and published a statement yesterday, stating that the country is opening up to all countries. Here is a tweet by South African president Cyril Ramaposa:

Südafrika Regierung Tweet
Tweet by Cyril Ramaposa on November 11

Probably, the entry requirements won’t change much:

  • Entry is only permitted at Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban airports.
  • A negative Covid-19-test has to be presented, which was carried out max. 72 hours before departure.
  • All travelers are subject to a short health-check and in case of symptoms a second test will be carried out.
  • If necessary, a quarantine (at your own cost) will be mandated.
  • Probably a Corona-App will have to be used.

These are our current dealz to South Africa:

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