Official: Lufthansa is Bringing Back the Airbus A380 (in 2023)

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In September 2020, Lufthansa decided to significantly reduce its fleet. In the wake of the bleak outlook during the pandemic, all Airbus A340-600 and A380 aircraft were retired. However, most planes were initially “only” parked in the desert, Lufthansa thus keeping the option open, that these planes could get a come-back – even if it seemed unlikely at that time.

At that time they said:

These aircraft could only be reactivated in the event of an unexpectedly rapid market recovery

After a lot of back and forth, this situation has now occurred from Lufthansa’s point of view. Initially, only five A340-600s should be brought back into service this summer. Now Lufthansa is also bringing back the A380. The super jumbo is expected to fly again starting summer of 2023.

Lufthansa’s press release gives two reasons for this:

  1. The increased demand for flight tickets (and certainly also the associated price development)
  2. The delay in the delivery of the Boeing 787 and Boeing 777X ordered by Lufthansa

Details Still Uncertain

How exactly the A380 will be used in the future is still unclear. It has not yet been announced how many A380s will be returning, nor what destinations these aircraft will be flying to.

Six of the double-deckers have already been sold to Airbus. This leaves Lufthansa with a maximum of eight A380s, which can be used again next year. Until then, the aircraft must be retrieved from deep storage and crews reacquainted with it.


The Airbus A380 is one of the most comfortable long-haul aircraft – and accordingly popular with customers. The return of the superjumbo is therefore definitely to be welcomed. However, it does not sound as if the A380 has a long-term chance at Lufthansa.

Cover Picture: © Lufthansa Group

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