Long-Haul: Delta Airlines Vastly Improves Their Economy Class Service


Delta Airlines probably has the best long-haul economy class service among the US-airlines: They are currently offering two hot meals, a printed out menu, a small amenity kit and free alcoholic beverages. These features are already outstanding however the SkyTeam airline wants to improve their service even more:

Starting in November 2019 a new service concept will be introduced as the airline indicates on their website. As a welcome beverage you can now expect a Bellini cocktail. It is unclear if this will replace the first drink-service and if a non-alcoholic alternative will be offered. Hot towels will be handed out after takeoff and before landing.

The quality of the starters are to be improved and there will be various different combinations to choose from – Delta calls it “mix and match”. Passengers can also expect the portion size of their main courses to increase. Delta is already known for their good quality of food but this will lift the service to another level.

delta klm
Delta is one of SkyTeam’s leading airlines in economy class service

The menus will be newly designed and the tray and utensils will be upgraded. It is unclear if the utensils will be made out of plastic or metal. Dessert will not be served immediately but after passengers are finished with their main course. Before landing chocolates will be handed out to the economy class passengers.

This new service will be offered on all international flights over 6.5 hours as well as all international flights that are operated with long-haul aircrafts that have a “real” business class. Delta did not mention if other aspects of their economy class service will be changed. It is unclear whether the amenity kits will be changed or whether alcohol will be chargeable in the future.

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