Entry to Chile Possible Again From the end of November

Torres del Paine Chile

While Europe is right in the middle of the second Corona-wave, things are looking somewhat better in other parts of the world. South Africa, for instance, is measuring quite steady infection numbers and is thus letting tourists from all over the world enter the country again.

Chile is in a similar situation. After a hefty first wave in June, the number of reported cases has been constantly declining. The many touristic highlights that the country has to offer (from the Atacama desert in the north to the glaciers in Patagonia in the south) had been practically unreachable for foreigners since March.

That changes now: starting November 23, everyone is once again permitted to enter the country, while respecting the following conditions:

  • Quarantine is not necessary if a negative Corona-test is presented (PCR, max. 72 hours old).
  • A health form has to be filled out
  • Possibly a contact tracing app needs to be installed.
  • Entry is only possible through Santiago airport SCL

November 23 is mentioned in this Chilean publication. We weren’t able to find the exact terms of entry in any official source. Probably there will be more details regarding this in the following days.

On November 26, Torres del Paine national park is scheduled to reopen as well. As Chile is located in the southern hemisphere, this is during the South American summer and thus the best travel period for Patagonia. However, be aware that you may have to undergo a quarantine-period when returning to your own country.

Translated by Ditmar Lange

Sources: Travel off Path, ADN Radio (Übersetzung) & chilenisches Amtsblatt (Übersetzung)

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