ANA Announces a New Suite-Based Business Class

ANA Business Room 1

The Japanese 5-star Star Alliance member airline All Nippon Airways already features one of the best business class products on the market. However ANA has decided to up their game even more: In the future their business class will feature suites very similar to Qatar Airways’ Qsuite. The first class cabin is also getting updated.

According to their press release ANA is starting “to roll out a total of twelve completely redesigned Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts”. The first confirmed route will start from August 2, 2019, from London Heathrow to Tokyo Haneda airport (NH211/NH212) but only every second day.

ANA 777 Seat Map
The Seat Map © ANA

The new business class – “THE Room”

The new business class just like the old business class will be set up in a 1-2-1 seat configuration. Every second row is rear-facing. The suite will feature flexible doors however will be partially opened on top, very similar to Qatar Airways’ Qsuite. The seats are arranged diagonally to save space. Your feet will find space underneath the cocktail table of the person sitting opposite of you. The walls in between the suites can be moved down so that you can spend time with your travel companion if you travel with one. The entertainment screen features an extraordinary 4k resolution.

Service and catering are already outstanding in the current business class, however ANA wants to improve in that area as well. In the future it will be possible to pre-order your meal of choice online. You will have a choice of 6 meals.

There’s a good review by God Save The Points that describes the current ANA business class in a Boeing 787.

New first class – “THE Suite”

The first class also features a suite with flexible doors and will be partially opened on top. It is set up in a 1-2-1 seat configuration. So what’s the difference between THE Suite and THE Room? The 8 first class suites will be bigger and will all be facing forward. You will have more space for your feet which won’t be underneath someone elses cocktail table. THE Suite will also feature a gigantic 43 inch screen in 4k resolution. You will also have way more space in the seat since the dining table is not situated on the side anymore but in front of you.

The first class service is already outstanding in its current form. The press release does not state if there will be improvements in the first class service.


ANA is ahead of the times with their new business and first class products. For example, Lufthansa has also announced a new business class but is not planning on introducing a suite-based product. We are more than happy to see ANA heavily investing in its product as a Star Alliance carrier. The barriers between business and first class in general continue to fade.

Cover Picture: © ANA

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