One valid Offer to Xi'An


No city has been China’s capital for a longer time than Xi’an – or its predecessor Chang’an. Beginning with the first emperor Qin Shihuang, over a thousand years China has been governed from this secure place in the midst of a mountain range. Said first emperor gave the city its greatest attraction, the marvelous Terracotta Army. But Xi’an has a lot more to offer than soldiers made of clay. It is one of the culturally most diverse cities in the country, being home to many Hui, an ethnicy of Chinese Muslims.

Best time to travel

Xi’an is subject to extreme climate conditions. The summers are usually hot and humid, while winters can get unpleasently cold. In April, May, September and October, temperatures are pleasant and percepation is low. Please be awara that during the Chinese National Holidays (usually the first two weeks of October) the city is overcrowded with Chinese tourists. If possible, you should avoid the city during this time frame.

From the airport to the city

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport lies 41 km outside of Xi’an’s city centre. It has yet to receive a metro connection to the city. Until then, a large number of buses operate services to different parts of the city. A oneway ticket costs 25 RMB (around €3) and trips can take up to 2 hours, but are usually 60 minutes or shorter, depending on your destination. A taxiride downtown will take about 45 minutes. The fare should be around 120 RMB (approx. €15).

Titelbild: Thanks to pixabay user artemtation