Offers to Chongqing


Thanks to a bit of trickery of the Chinese government, Chongqing is the world's largest city in population as well as size. Officially counting more than 30 million inhabitants, this huge number was artificially inflated by redefining Chongqing's city limits. The city now contains a space roughly the size of Austria. Still, the metropolis in the midst of a mountain range at the banks of the famous Yangzi River is one of China's most important industrial and economical hotspots. As a result, it shares a special administrative status with only Beijing, Shanghai & Tianjin.

Best Time to Visit

Chongqing is part of the subtropical climate zone. This results in hot, humid summers and mild winters, in which temperatures rarely drop below 0 degrees. March and April are great times to visit the city, just before a conflux of heat and daily monsoons make it an unpleasant place to visit.

From the airport to the city

Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l airport is extremely well connected to the city center. Two subway lines (taking about 50 minutes, costing approx. 1€) and a shuttle bus (60 minutes, 2€) take you to downtown Chongqing all day long. Taxi drivers will charge you 7-10€ for the 50-60 minute long ride down to the Yangzi River.