Offers to Chengdu


Chengdu is the capital of China’s Sichuan province. It is one of the three most populous cities in Western China. Around 8 million poeple live within the city. Being a place of historical importance throughout China’s history, Chengdu has become an important economical and cultural center of modern day China. Like the sorrounding Sichuan province, Chengdu has a proud cultural heritage. City and province are famous for their spicy cuisine. Further, the province is home to the last surviving Giant Pandas. A lot of the city’s tourism infracstructure is centered around them.

Best time to travel

Chengdu is located in a subtropical climate zone, with a monsoon season stretching from june through mid-september. The city is hot and humid and should be avoided then. Temperatures are modest the rest of the year, making Chengdu an attractive place to visit. The coldest month is January, with a daily mean temperature of 5 degrees.

From the Airport to the City

Chengdu Shuangliu Int’l Airport is a hub for Chinese Carriers Sichuan Airlines and Air China. It is very well connected to the city by several means of transportation. A highspeed railway line takes you to Chengdu East Railway station in about 10 minutes, charging less than €2 for a one-way ticket. The subway is the cheaper alternative, but takes a bit longer. If you prefer roads over tracks, there are a number of bus services to different places in Chengdu, starting at RMB 10 (approx. €1.30). Of course, taxis are available as well. A ride to the city center should take 45 minutes at max and cost around RMB 70 (€9).