Zanzibar & Mombasa: €340 From Brussels with TUIfly (€386 Including Luggage)

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TUIfly Belgium is currently offering a great deal on trips from Brussels to Zanzibar and Mombasa. Prices for return-flights start at €340. Even connections including a piece of checked luggage are reasonably priced and will cost you €386.

Flights from Brussels to Zanzibar with TUIfly

Flights from Europe to Africa will be non-stop connections. The return flight includes a short layover in Mombasa but is still more or less a direct flight. Most likely, you will be able to stay on board the plane during the 50 minute stop. TUIfly will operate a Boeing 787 an all routes.

Search & Book

As it is the case with most flights that are offered by tour operators, there are no fare rules that we could use to provide additional information about travel periods or sales restrictions. But the route will be available agian starting in October 2019. Availabilty is best in November and December.

Unfortunately, Google Flights and the ITA Matrix will not display availability and prices correctly. However the TUIfly-Website offers a great availability calendar that will help you find dates that suit you best. And you will also get the best price when booking on their website.

Catering is included. luggage will cost extra

TUIfly Belgium offers free catering on board. You only have to pay if you order a special meal. Also free of charge is one piece of hand luggage up to 10kg. You can add one checked bag for €46 per round trip during the booking process:

TUIfly baggage options
Add checked bags to your booking
Information & Tips for Zanzibar

The Zanzibar archipelago with its main island Unguja lies in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa and belongs to Tanzania. Zanzibar is especially known for its beautiful beaches and as an inexpensive alternative to the Maldives. The Unesco World Heritage Site Stone Town with its buildings made of light coral limestone and mangrove wood in the 19th century is also worth a visit.

Best Time to Visit

Zanzibar is relatively close to the equator and therefore the climate is tropical. Due to the southwest and northeast monsoon there are two rainy seasons per year between the end of March and the end of May and in November and December. Temperatures average 27°C with maximums just above 30°C and nightly temperatures not below 20°C. During the two rainy seasons the humidity can be very unpleasant. Therefore the ideal travel time is between the beginning of June and the end of September as well as in January and February. In general, however, you can visit Zanzibar all year round.

Immigration & Visa Requirements

With most EU passports (must be valid for at least 6 months on departure) a visa is required for Tanzania. You can apply for the visa either in advance at an embassy or as a Visa on Arrival for a fee of $50 when entering the country at the Zanzibar International Airport. The fee can only be paid by credit card.

Departure Charge

In addition, depending on the airline, an exit fee or tax may be payable on departure from Zanzibar International Airport. For some airlines the departure tax is already included in the airfare.

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