Beyrut: €118 nonstop from Amsterdam (€182 with luggage)


Dutch leisure carrierer Transavia sells cheap nonstop tickets between Amsterdam and Beyrut, starting at €118 for a roundtrip. While these fares only allow a carry-on bag, a return flight including lugagge can be purchased at €182 on Transavia’s website.

AMS BEY €118
Cheap nonstop roundtrip flights – a golden opportunity to get to Lebanon.

Transavia operates Boeing 737-800 airplanes between Amsterdam and Beyrut.

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These fares seem to be available between November 2019 and March 2020. Since we couldn’t retrieve any fare rules, we cannot give you information regarding travel time or minimum or maximum stay. If you’re planning a trip between five and fourteen days, please use our availability calender to find the lowest fares:

If you want to stay longer, you can search for suiting dates on Google Flights (instructions). Afterward, use your results to find the lowest fare on Skyscanner.


Beyrut is the capital of Middle Eastern country Lebanon. Most EU citizens need a visa to enter the country. Please inform yourself which type of visa you need and what requirements need to be fulfilled. You can find more information here.

Cover Picture: CC0-Lizenz / Pixabay-User Peggychoucair

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