Luanda, Angola: โ‚ฌ310 from Lisbon with TAP, TAAG and Lufthansa


Star Alliance member TAP Air Portugal – in cooperation with Lufthansa and TAAG Angola Airlines – is offering cheap Economy Class fares to Angola’s capital Luanda, starting at โ‚ฌ310 for a roundtrip.


Fares for this route often only include one piece of carry-on, when prices are so low. But this time the deal comes with not only one but two pieces of checked luggage!

Cheap fares from Lisbon to Luanda including checkd bags

The cheapest connections will include a layover in Frankfurt, at least on the outbound flight. After the short trip from Portugal to Germany, the TAAG flight (which will most likely be operated by Lufthansa) will take you to Luanda. The return flight could be non-stop.

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The fare rules are unclear and consequently there is no further information on travel dates, travel periods, minimum or maximum stay. Availability isn’t bad and by using Google Flights‘ calendar (instructions), you’ll find out that there are connections for these fares between October and March 2020.

Since the prices that Google will show you are around 30โ‚ฌ higher than the ones that OTAs offer via Skyscanner, you should use Google Flights only to look for dates. Afterwards, you can book via Skyscanner.


Luanda is the capital of Angola. Since it used to be a Portuguese colony, these countries share some similarities like a common language. EU-Citizens need a visa to enter the country. You can apply for a tourist visa here.

Cover Picture: CC0-Lizenz, Pixabay-User Wjgomes

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