USA: Star Alliance Flights from Stockholm starting at SEK 2.341/€217 (SEK 2.793/€259 with luggage)

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The Star Alliance airlines Austrian, Lufthansa, Swiss and United are currently offering cheap flights to 16 US destinations. While the cheapest fares only allow one carry-on item, you can book the fare that includes a piece of luggage for SEK450-1.080 (€40-100) more, depending on the airline.

The widely diverse possible destinations include:

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The flight to Miami is the highlight of these deals.

While some of the west coast destinations are a bit more expensive, these still represent very good deals for those cities. The same thing can be said for the smaller cities, to which you can rarely fly for such a low price.

From Stockholm, you will first fly to one of the main Star Alliance hubs in Europe (Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna), and from there you’ll have a direct flight to most of these destinations. If you’re traveling to one of the more “exotic” destinations, such as Tampa, Fort Myers, or Jacksonville, you might need to have a second layover in the United States.

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This offer is only valid until May 17, 2019, so we recommend being quick. The travel period is from August 12th until November 15th. The flights to the USA are available from Sunday to Wednesday, while the inbound flights are available from Tuesday to Friday. Your stay in the USA has to be at least 6 days long or include a Sunday and may not exceed three months.

We recommend using Google Flights to look for available dates that match your personal wishes and then booking over Skyscanner. If you prefer booking your flights directly on the carrier’s website, then you’ll end up paying a bit more on websites like or If you want to book a fare, that includes a piece of luggage, most websites, that Skyscanner directs you to, will give you that choice.

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