Guam: €613 From Lisbon and Porto


Star Alliance carriers such as Lufthansa, United, TAP, and ANA are teaming up to bring you great prices for flights from Portugal to Guam. Round-trips from Europe to the US territory in Micronesia are available for prices starting at €613. The cheap fare already includes one piece of checked luggage. Availability is decent until June 2020.

LIS GUM Star Alliance
Great price for a flight to the other end of the world

Since this trip will, bring you to the other end of the world, it includes at least two layovers. The first one is often somewhere in Europe, the second one in Japan. Lufthansa or Swiss are the ones to take you to Asia. From there to Guam you could be on board of a United or ANA flight.

Search & Book

The fare rules don’t give us a lot of information about this deal. There’s are no travel restrictions, and we also can’t tell you, until when this deal will be available. But as always, it’s better so book sooner than later, since cheap seats might sell out at any given time.

The minimum stay requirements state that you will have to spend at least 5 days or the night from Saturday to Sunday in Guam. You have to leave before 12 months are over. But this is probably only interesting for people with the appropriate immigration status.

Google Flights (instructions) will display the fare correctly and help you search for dates that could suit you. Use our Travel Dealz flight search to compare prices and save a little extra. But of course, you can also book directly on the carrier’s website, if you wish to do so.

Tickets should be issued in booking class L. Which isn’t bad for such a discounted flight. The earning rate on most Star Alliance frequent flyer programs is around 50%.

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