Moscow: €68 from Riga with Pobeda (only small carry-on)

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Pobeda is currently offering cheap flights from Riga to Moscow-Vnukovo. While this deal only includes a handbag sized carry-on, 10 kg of luggage can be purchased for €13 per flight, and 20 kg for €26 per flight. Availability is highest in October.

rix vko 8.6.19
€68 for direct flights to Moscow is cheaper than the usual price for that route

Pobeda is an ultra-low-cost airline. This means that they offer absolutely no services, even if you’d like to pay for them. For example, you cannot buy any meals on their planes. While this does ensure that the planes are very clean, it gives you no way to eat something on the flight. For a flight of 1:40 hours, however, this should not be a big problem.

Search & Book

The expiry date of this deal is unknown. You can look for available dates on Google Flights, and then either book on Skyscanner or directly at We’ve put together an availability calendar for you to quickly find your preferred dates right here (for trip-lengths of 2-8 days):

Please check the visa-requirements for entering Russia before booking this flight!

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