Iceland: Non-Stop Flights Starting at €104/NOK 1,048 With Icelandair From Oslo (Hand Luggage Only)


Icelandair offers cheap non-stop flights from Oslo to Reykjavik, starting at NOK 1,048 (~€97) for a roundtrip. This is a base fare that does not include luggage. If you prefer travelling with a checked bag up to 23kg both ways, we would advise booking directly with Icelandair which changes the roundtrip total price to €177. Very competitive fares to Iceland we must say!

Icelandair OSL KEF EUR104
Cheap direct flights to Reykjavik with Icelandair

Hand luggage rules with Icelandair are as follows:

One bag with dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a maximum weight of 10kg is allowed. In addition passengers are allowed to take along a personal item with the dimensions of 40 x 30 x 15 cm.


September to April is Northern Lights season in Iceland. This deal is available between November and April. The perfect time therefore to travel to Iceland and experience this natural phenomenon.

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According to the fare rules a minimum stay of 3 days or a night from Saturday to Sunday is required. A maximum stay of 12 months is allowed. Travel has to be done between November 12, 2019 and May 20, 2020. The deal expires October 22, 2019.

To find cheap fares, you can use Google Flights (instructions). You can then go ahead and put the dates into our travel search to find the cheapest online travel agent rates or you can use to book it directly with Icelandair for a few bucks more.

Flights the other way around (from Reykjavik to Europe and back) are also available at a very low rate. Again, use Google Flights to find suitable dates.


The tickets are issued in booking class P. Icelandair is not part of any of the big alliances, therefore mileage accrual is limited to their own program (Saga Club) and Finnair Plus:

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