€505 Qsuite Roundtrips from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires

Qatar Qsuite

Oneworld member Qatar AirwaysQsuite is widely regarded as the world’s best business class product. The airline deploys it on their daily flight from their hub Doha to Buenos Aires, Argentina with a stop in Sao Paulo.

Due to fifth-freedom-rights, QR is allowed to sell tickets between Brazil and Argentina. That gives travelleres the chance to experience the product for a fraction of its usual cost, starting at R$2,286 (~€385) for roundtrips starting in Sao Paulo. You can go the other way around for ARSΒ 35,520 (~€478).

Not the most convenient flight times, but stil at €500 Qsuite ticket.

Since a regular economy class roundtrip between the two airports costs around €250, this is a pretty great business class deal.

The flight takes about two and a half hours in each direction and includes full meal and beverage service. You are almost garantueed to end up in a Qsuite.

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