PortBlue Hotels in Spain: Up to 20% Discount + Free Health Insurance

PortBlue Hotels Menorca

The Spanish hotel chain PortBlue, which has properties in Mallorca, Menorca, and Astorga, is currently running a Christmas sale. This sale gives you a 10% discount and BeBlue members get another 10% (signing up is free). Additionally, PortBlue states that these bookings will include health insurance for your trip.

An example for the hotel in Menorca

These reservations can be canceled anytime. Nevertheless, you’d sadly only get a voucher worth the money that you paid.

This promotion is valid until January 7, 2021 for stays throughout 2021. The hotels are 4-star hotels, except for the hotel in Menorca, which is even a 5-star hotel.

Bottom Line

Only 3 hotels and you only get a voucher if you cancel – two reasons for why this deal isn’t exactly the most exciting deal of the year. Free health insurance is also a very vague benefit and let’s hope that none of our readers will ever need to put that benefit to test. A 20% discount, valid for all of 2021, however, is quite nice and could save you quite a lot of money – so if you were planning on flying to one of those 3 locations, this might be a good hotel-choice.


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