Pegasus Sale to the Middle East Starting at €188 from Amsterdam (€220 w/ Luggage)

Muscat Mutrah Corniche Sunrise

Pegasus is currently selling cheap tickets to Muscat, Tehran, and Kuwait City, with prices starting at €188. Though Pegasus is not exactly the most popular airline on earth, the low surcharge for a 20 kg piece of luggage does make this deal interesting, as they only charge €16 in each direction.


You can pay €10 to make these tickets refundable.

Our calendar displays all available dates in green. Select the route and dates that suit you best, and we’ll redirect you to Pegasus’ booking site:

Pegasus is a low-cost carrier, meaning that you won’t get anything to eat on these flights, so make sure to pack a lunch/dinner. Also, these flights are not non-stop as they have a layover in Istanbul (SAW). Each segment is a bit over 3 hours long, except the flight between Istanbul and Muscat, which is almost 5 hours long.

Search & Book

The only restriction stated in the fare rules is that you have to fly between October 30 and March 25. You can find all available dates on our calendar above, as well as on Google Flights. You can then book on Pegasus’ website.

Cover Picture: Photo by Mr MaroX on Unsplash

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