USA: Oneworld flights from Paris starting at €237 (€343 with luggage)

New York USA 7

You can currently book very cheap flights from Paris to the United States. Most of these flights are operated by Oneworld airlines British Airways and American Airlines.

The 12 cities are widely spread across the states, possible travel destinations being:

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The flights to Boston are the cheapest flights

If you fly with British Airways, you’ll have a layover in London. If you can get a flight with American Airlines, you might even get a direct flight. Flights to the smaller cities will require a second layover in a major US city, such as New York.

While the flight to Boston is the cheapest, we believe that the flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles are particularly good deals.

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It is unclear as to when this deal expires, but fare rules state that your trip has to either take place between November 4th and December 18th, or between December 30th and March 26th, 2020. Your trip must also have a length of at least one week, and not exceed three months.

We recommend searching for your preferred travel dates on Google Flights, and then book the flight over Skyscanner. If you wish to book a better rate that includes luggage, you should book the flight directly over the airlines’ websites e.g. This improved fare will cost you roughly €100 more (e.g. €343 to Boston).

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