New York: €215 Norse Atlantic from Oslo, Premium Economy at €518 (Cabin Bags Only)

AMC Empire New York

Ever since Norwegian stopped its long-haul flights, one-way flying across the Atlantic became expensive again. However, Norse Atlantic started ticket sales recently. While round-trip tickets are not the most attractive to those not living in Oslo, one-way fares can be interesting.

Although, it’s important to mention that fares include no carry-ons, no food and no check-in luggage. Also, you have to check in online, otherwise, you need to pay extra. When adding these services, your fare becomes significantly more expensive.


Since Norse Atlantic Airlines is not part of any major airline booking network yet, none of our usual ways of linking works.

These are the possible destinations from Oslo. Only premium economy fares to New York are attractive. In other cases, they are roughly NOK 4,000 (~€375) more expensive than the basic economy fare.

  • New York (JFK) at NOK 1,011 (~€95)
    • Round trip at NOK 2,183 (~€205) or NOK 5,262 (~€493) in Premium Economy (w/o bags).
      Example date: September 9 – 25
    • The cheapest flights are available with a stop in London. Nonstop flights are around NOK 400 (~€37) more expensive.

Other destinations are available nonstop, but prices are not as attractive, especially in premium economy.

  • Fort Lauderdale at NOK 1,695 (~€159)
    • Round trip at NOK 3,031 (~€284)
    • Example date: September 9 – 21
  • Orlando at NOK 1,626 (~€152)
    • Round trip at NOK 3,414 (~€320)
    • Example date: September 6 – 21
  • Los Angeles at NOK 1,959 (~€184)
    • Round trip at NOK 3,609 (~€338)
      Example date: September 9 – 21
Cheap transatlantic one-way flights are back as Norse Atlantic starts operations.

The airline uses ex-Norwegian Boeing 787-9 aircraft on the route, with a 3-3-3 seating in economy. Premium economy passengers enjoy a little more room (2-3-2). Highlight is the almost unbeatable reclining angle for that travel class:

Norse Atlantic Premium Economy Recline

Search & Book

You should book these flights on the Norse Atlantic website which allows you to browse the calendar. There, you can compare ticket prices. If you’d like to, you can use to book the flights, however, we advise against booking with them.

Norse Atlantic sells one-way tickets and return tickets at the price of the one-way ones. This means that there is no minimal stay nor the obligation to book a return flight. Although, it’s important to highlight that if you book a return journey, you shouldn’t skip the outbound flight. According to the conditions of carriage, Norse has the right to cancel your future reservations.

Add-ons & Currencies

As mentioned before, you pay for a flight and a 45x36x22 cm personal item. All additional fees are in US Dollar and then converted to the adequate currency on daily rates. That’s why we mention prices in both Norwegian Krones and USD. If you travel light, you should choose NOK; if you like to bring stuff, you can play around with the currencies.

As of May 10, Norse charges the following amount for different add-ons:

  • Carry-on bag (56x45x25 cm):
    • During booking: US$25 (~€26)
    • After booking: US$35 (~€36)
    • At the airport: US$55 (~€56)
  • 15kg checked-in bag:
    • During booking: US$60 (~€61)
    • After booking: US$80 (~€82)
  • 23kg checked-in bag:
    • During booking: US$70 (~€71)
    • After booking: US$90 (~€92)
    • At the airport: US$125 (~€128)
  • 32 kg checked-in bag:
    • During booking: US$170 (~€173)
    • After booking: US$190 (~€194)
    • At the airport: US$225 (~€230)
  • Main meal: US$30 (~€31)
  • Light meal: US$20 (~€20)
  • Airport check-in:
    • Online: US$10 (~€10)
    • At the airport: US$20 (~€20)
  • Change fee:
    • Light fare: US$200 (~€204)
    • Classic fare: US$100 (~€102)


Norse Atlantic Airlines does not offer a frequent flyer program. Further, the airline is not affiliated with other airlines’ programs. You will earn zero miles in any case.


Generally speaking, American cities not the place of the cheapest hotels. To find the best deal, you can use our hotel search form. Once you selected the place and your dates, it will forward you to either or Travel-Dealz where you can compare prices.

Information & Tips for USA

The USA offers many sights, natural wonders and cultural significance. Thanks to numerous airlines offering flights across the Atlantic, it is always pretty inexpensive to get there. Alternatively, you can also cross the Atlantic by boat.

Immigration, ESTA & Visa Requirements

The USA has one of the strictest entry regulations in the world. Most EU citizens, among others, are lucky to be able to participate in the so-called Visa Waiver Program. If you get an electronic entry permit (ESTA)  for approximately €20, you don’t need a visa for entry.

The Best Time to Visit

Due to its sheer size, the perfect time to visit the USA varies greatly from region to region. In winter, Florida is very popular due to the mild temperatures. In the summer the West and East Coasts are flooded by tourists which drives up the prices for hotels and flights and during the Indian Summer in late autumn New England is a very popular destination. The hurricane season between July and September can be dangerous in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida and the southern states are regularly struck by these tropical storms. Blizzards occur from the East Coast to the Midwest during the winter months and regularly put air traffic and public life on hold.

Climate diagram for New York City, New York (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Los Angeles, California (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Miami, Florida (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)


The US dollar is widely used throughout the world and accepted as a currency in most tourist hotspots worldwide. That being said, carrying cash isn’t necessary in the US, all you need is a credit card! These are very common in the USA and are accepted pretty much everywhere without any issues. If you already have a credit card in your wallet, you should make sure that it does not charge a foreign currency fee if possible. Carrying a few dollars in cash doesn’t hurt though. You might need cash e.g. for the bus ticket if you want to buy it directly from the driver. Most of the time you even have to give exact change.

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Cover Picture: Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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