Miles&More Bargains: Fly Business Class to Montreal for 55,000 Miles + €400 or to Mexico City for 60,000 Miles + €464 r/t

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At Miles&More, there are several destinations with reduced mileage rates every month. As a rule, the long-haul flights in Business Class are the most interesting.

This month, Lufthansa is sadly only offering two destinations at a reduced rate if you fly in late September or in October 2022. For a round trip to Montreal, you’d only pay 55,000 miles and roughly €400 in taxes and fees (depending on your departure airport), while flying to Mexico City costs 60,000 miles and roughly €464.

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As stated before, taxes and fees vary, depending on your origin and destination. Among others, you can fly from the following countries:

  • Belgium (roughly €550)
  • Croatia (roughly €475)
  • Czech Republic (roughly €460 (~CZK 11,371))
  • Denmark (roughly €380 (~DKK 2,827))
  • Estonia (roughly €420)
  • Finland (roughly €400)
  • France (roughly €505)
  • Greece (roughly €525)
  • Hungary (roughly €450 (~HUF 180,941))
  • Italy (roughly €625)
  • Latvia (roughly €420)
  • Lithuania (roughly €420)
  • Luxembourg (roughly €475)
  • Norway (roughly €400 (~NOK 4,143))
  • Poland (roughly €450 (~PLN 2,108))
  • Portugal (roughly €525)
  • Ireland (roughly €345)
  • Spain (roughly €615)
  • Sweden (roughly €390 (~SEK 4,163))
  • UK (roughly €1,175 (~£1,013))

Usually, you can either fly via Munich or Frankfurt. The fees are a bit lower in Munich.

Search & Book

The flight date must be between September 15 and October 31, 2022. These mileage bargains expire on June 30, 2022, however, the flights will most definitely be sold out before then. Book the flights on Miles&More’s website.

You can use our search form to try out some dates that may suit you. However, don’t be surprised if you need to try more than once, as the availability is fine, but far from daily.

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  1. Nicolas B says:


    The following rules apply for the rebooking of tickets which are bought from 02.08.2021:

    All Miles & More award tickets can be rebooked as often as you wish before start of travel.
    Flex and Flex Plus award tickets can be rebooked free of charge
    Reduced Fly & Save offers (Mileage Bargains, Fly Smart awards, Early Bird awards) can be rebooked against a reduced change fee of 25€ (per ticket, per person)

    The following rule applies for rebooking of cancelled or existing flights whose tickets were bought between 01.09.2020 and 01.08.2021: you can rebook your Miles &More award ticket free of charge as often as you wish before start of travel. All Lufthansa Group and Miles & More Partner Airlines can be used.

    Seems like it’s over since 01.08.21, no?

    • Nicolas B says:

      Sorry I misread it 🙁
      You are right. Purchased tickets from 02.08.21…

      I’d have booked it for south korea FRA-ICN but not my 1st choice business.
      From BRU for 15xx with lounge wide available.
      Hope they’ll go down with the prices… hopefully when the borders officially reopen.
      Let’s stay alert everyone ^^

  2. GDL says:

    Hi. You say the flights can be rebooked but in the T&Cs it clearly says “Reduced flight awards cannot be rebooked or cancelled. Please note the Miles & More Terms and conditions.”. Is there a special dispensation related to Covid?

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