Africa from France: €99 short haul, €381 long haul flights with Lufthansa

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Star Alliance member Lufthansa is extending its sale from France by a handful of African destinations. Short haul destinations like Algiers start at €99 (without checked bags) and long haul destinations like Johannesburg start at €381 (including checked bags). These fares vary by just a few Euros from four different French airports.

Flights from Strasbourg tend to be cheapest, as they feature a bus ride between Strasbourg and Frankfurt instead of a flight on either the in or the outbound leg. Prices from Lyon, Nice & Paris are usually €10-€20 more expensive than listed above.

For these flights, checked in bags come at an additional cost of €40 on

Strasbourg to Algiers as cheap as €99.

Search & Book

The easiest and fastest way to find and book these fares is Lufthansa’s best price search. You need to follow this link and will get to this page:

LH Best Price search
You can easily navigate possible destinations, origins and travel duration. Lufthansa will tell you on which days the cheapest fare is available.

Now you can select one of the origins and destinations above and enter it in the encircled button. The calendar down below will change according to your chosen destination. Click on one of the months and you’ll be able to see when the lowest fares are available. The same will work for your desired traveled class.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to retrieve any fare rules regarding this offer. While possible travel dates can be easily found following the instructions, we can’t tell when this offer will expire.

Availability varies greatly, depending on travel dates in city pair. While €99 flights from Strasbourg to Algiers show great availability, flights from Lyon are almost sold out.


Tickets are issued in booking class K. Sadly, this results in almost no mileage being credited in any frequent flyer program.

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