Only Until April: Star Alliance Gold with KrisFlyer After 3 Flights Thanks to Amex Platinum

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You are looking for a fast track to Star Alliance Gold status and call an American Express Platinum card your own? Then you could take a shortcut! And here’s how: Singapore Airlines‘s frequent flyer program KrisFlyer currently matches a Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade status to their Elite Gold. Which includes Star Alliance Gold. The only requirement is three flights on either Singapore Airlines or SilkAir.


The cooperation between American Express and Shangri La Golden Circle will sadly end on April 1, 2021. You can, however, still apply for the Golden Circle Jade status. The Jade status will then remain valid until December 31, 2021 (possibly even until the end of 2022 if you’re a new member). Until then, you will be able to carry out the KrisFlyer challenge.

Sounds good, but 20 nights or 10 qualified stays in a Shangri-La hotel are not what comes to mind if one hears about a fast-track. And that’s where the American Express Platinum card comes into play. The credit card offers many perks to its owners, including status with loyalty programs, such as the Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade tier.


As of today, the Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade status will definitely be available to cardholders in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Check with your local American Express customer service to find out about the benefits the card offers in your home country. We’d love to read about your experience in the comments section!

If you’d rather know more about other easy ways to the sought-after status, check out this article:

How To

The challenge and the whole process are actually straight forward. But some pitfalls could cause significant problems. So we’d recommend you stick to our tutorial. Otherwise, you could risk not being accepted to the challenge or wasting precious time.


You have to wait with linking your Shangri-La & KrisFlyer accounts until you have the Jade status. Otherwise, you will no longer be permitted to carry out the challenge.

Time needed: 5 days.

So, here’s how you will obtain Star Alliance Gold with only three flights thanks to an American Express Platinum card:

  1. Apply for your American Express Platinum card

    Obviously, this is the first step. You’ll have to visit for local American Express site and fill out the application for a Platinum card. Don’t forget to check with customer service if the Shangri-La status is one of the perks you will enjoy. Also, American Express often offers a nice sign-up bonus. So it can be worth waiting for their next promotion.

  2. Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade status

    If your application has been successful and you received your Platinum card, you can now request the Golden Circle status. This will be done in your American Express account. Expect a short waiting time (a couple of days) until your new status will become visible in your account.

  3. Link your KrisFlyer to your Golden Circle account

    Careful! Please wait until your Jade status shows up in your Shangri-La account before linking the two accounts to each other! If this step is done too early, you can’t request the challenge to KrisFlyer Elite Gold.
    Enter your KrisFlyer membership number in your Golden Circle account. You can use this link.

  4. Link your Golden Circle to your KrisFlyer account

    This is more or less the same process as above. Just vice-versa. Select Non-airline partner Shangri La Golden Circle and add your Golden Circle number.

  5. Register for the challenge

    Once all steps above have been completed, go back to the Golden Circle Infinite Journeys website. Now you can Register to enjoy accelerated membership status of KrisFlyer.

  6. KrisFlyer Silver status

    Within a few days (maximum waiting time will be eight weeks) you should be granted Silver status with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer program. The status will be valid for 12 months.

  7. Meet the requirements for the challenge

    Within four months of a successful approval of the request for accelerated membership, you will have to complete three flights on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. Then you will obtain KrisFlyer Elite Gold and, therefore, Star Alliance Gold status. Easy as that.

Bottom Line

Applying for an American Express Platinum card and using it to request the Golden Circle Gold status and a challenge with KrisFlyer is a fast-track to Star Alliance Gold. No doubt.

But you should be aware of the costs before you go down that road. You will have to pay the annual fees. And you will need to pay for flights. If you actually have been interested in the credit card already – after all, it does offer unique benefits, especially to travelers – and an Asia trip is one your bucket list anyway, we’d say: go for it!

Otherwise, it is a costly way to obtain Star Alliance Gold status. And you shouldn’t forget that after your first 12 months as a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member you’ll have to requalify just like everyone else. 50,000 miles within one year, many discounted booking classes excluded from earning. So you better be prepared for this.

Is it enough to book flights with Singapore Airlines or do I actually have to fly?

If you want the flights to count towards your challenge, you will have to be on board of the plane. You Boarding pass has to be scanned, or the trip will not be registered.

Can I also fly with other Star Alliance carriers to meet the requirements?

No. Only segments flown on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir will bring you closer to your goal.

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Comments (4)

  1. Peter says:


    Please can you explain the following content: “Within four months of successfully registering for an accelerated membership you will have to complete three flights on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir.“?

    What is meant by “within four months of successfully registering”?

    Does this mean within four months of the initial request for a status match, or four months from the approval of the status request?

    Thank you.

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Peter! The clock starts ticking as soon as KrisFlyer has approved your initial request. Typically you will receive an email stating that your Shangri-La status has been matched to silver and that you are now also enrolled in the challenge for KrisFlyer Elite Gold. Hope this adds clarity!

  2. Mike says:

    That means, the platinum card holders from BE/LU have the A……card ??? :/

    • Patrick says:

      Hi there! We’re not sure if American Express offers the same benefits in every country. Have you checked with your local American Express customer service and received a negative response regarding the Shangri-La match?

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