New York at €533, Denver at €660 Icelandair Saga Class from Amsterdam


If New York or Colorado are on your travel bucket list but the idea of being cramped in economy class for hours kept you from visiting, this might be the offer you’ve been waiting for: The flag carrier of Iceland, Icelandair, is selling tickets in Saga Class to America for prices starting at €533. Only catch: you’ll have a layover in Reykjavík.


There are currently travel restrictions in place for both Iceland and the United States of America. We cannot with certainty, when they will end. Further, this fare is not fully refundable and available for travel before December 17, 2020. Please proceed & book with caution!

Good fare for a transatlantic crossing with a little extra space.

Icelandair has a unique business model. They fly passengers back and forth between Europe and the USA, always via their hub in Reykjavík. For these flights, they use reliable Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft. While the 757 features a 2-2 seating in Saga Class, the 767 sports a 2-1-2 configuration.

Icelandair Saga Class

Even if the airline promotes its Saga Class as a business cabin, it is much closer to what other carriers offer in premium economy. While baggage allowance is very generous (2 x 32kg) and also the catering is included and better than what you’d find in economy class, there are no lie-flat seats.

But it is all about expectation management. Typically you get what you pay for. And since the price is very low, you can’t expect the whole business class experience. Priority boarding and check-in, free lounge access, complimentary WiFi, and seat reservation make up for the lack of up-to-date seats. At least a little bit.

Here’s a flight review that’ll give you an idea of what Saga Class is all about: Icelandair Saga Class Reykjavik to New York

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The fare rules state that this deal will be available until April 14, 2020 for travel before December 17, 2020. There are no further restrictions to this fare. Travelling Saga Class allows you to add a stopover up to a full week in Iceland.

Google Flights (instructions) will show all connections for the options explained above. Tickets for flights without stop-overs can be booked through OTAs, and you can compare prices with our flight search. Tickets for flights with short or extended stop-overs are only available through Icelandair’s website. In these uncertain times, we strongly recommend booking with the airlines, even if it is more expensive.


Icelandair issues tickets for all flight segments in booking class A. Since the airline is not part of any alliance, your options to earn miles are limited.

  • Icelandair Saga Club:
    • 16,400 Tier Points
    • 16,400 Miles
  • Alaska Mileage Plan:
    • 9,600 Miles
  • Jetblue TrueBlue:
    • 7,700 Miles
Information & Tips for USA

The USA offers many sights, natural wonders and cultural significance. Thanks to numerous airlines offering flights across the Atlantic, it is always pretty inexpensive to get there. Alternatively, you can also cross the Atlantic by boat.

Immigration, ESTA & Visa Requirements

The USA has one of the strictest entry regulations in the world. Most EU citizens citizens, among others, are lucky to be able to participate in the so-called Visa Waiver Program. If you get an electronic entry permit (ESTA)  for about 12€, you don’t need a visa for entry.

Best Time to Visit

Due to its sheer size, the perfect time to visit the USA varies greatly from region to region. In winter, Florida is very popular due to the mild temperatures. In the summer the West and East Coasts are flooded by tourists which drives up the prices for hotels and flights and during the Indian Summer in late autumn New England is a very popular destination. The hurricane season between July and September can be dangerous in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida and the southern states are regularly struck by these tropical storms. Blizzards occur from the East Coast to the Midwest during the winter months and regularly put air traffic and public life on hold.


The US dollar is widely used throughout the world and accepted as a currency in most tourist hotspots worldwide. That being said, carrying cash isn’t necessary in the US, all you need is a credit card! These are very common in the USA and are accepted pretty much everywhere without any issues. If you already have a credit card in your wallet, you should make sure that it does not charge a foreign currency fee if possible. Carrying a few dollars in cash doesn’t hurt though. You might need cash e.g. for the bus ticket if you want to buy it directly from the driver. Most of the time you even have to give exact change.

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  1. Emil says:

    Thank you for that great offer,
    what is the booking class and can i transfer my owned points from the Iceland air saga programm to Finnair? How many points would i receive?

    Thank you!

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