USA: €223 Nonstop Iberia Flights From Madrid (€323 With Luggage)

Miami Beach

Oneworld member Iberia has lowered the prices for most of its nonstop flights between Madrid and the USA. Prices start at €223 for flights to Miami and New York. Even if you add a piece of luggage for €60-100, you’d still be getting a great price. You can fly practically anytime except during the summer and Christmas vacations.


Iberia has some of the worst Covid-19 refund policies out there, as your way to a refund might require things like an actual Covid-19 infection.

Touristic travel to the USA should be possible again from November 2021 onwards for fully vaccinated Europeans.

There’s very good availability from November 2021 through August 2022, the lone exception being the two week s before and after Christmas.

You can fly to the following destinations for less than €300:

Booking directly with Iberia is usually the safest option.