Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee: 20% Discount or 5,000 Points

Hyatt offers a best rate guarantee for bookings made on their own website. If you find a cheaper rate, than the one offered directly on, the rate will not only be adjusted, but you’ll also get either a 20% discount or 5,000 points on top!

Additionally, when booking directly on, you’ll receive the status benefits and be able to earn World of Hyatt points, unlike when you book elsewhere.

Terms & Conditions

You can use Hyatt’s guarantee up to 24 hours after your booking. Before, it was also possible to do so before booking, but now this is sadly no longer the case.

The cheaper rate that you found has to coincide with the rate on in the following aspects:

  1. The same hotel
  2. The same room and bed type (e.g. twin room, room with a view and king-size bed, regency-suite…)
  3. The same amount of guests
  4. The same dates
  5. The same cancellation policy
  6. The same services (e.g. breakfast included)

The price that will be compared is the total price for the stay and not the rate for individual nights during the stay. Hotel or city taxes, gratuity or other additional costs do not count toward the total price!

It is interesting that Hyatt does not exclude sites, on which you can only see the price with a membership, as long as the membership is complimentary. That means, that you could use offers from sites such as Secret Escapes.

Note: Rates available on websites that require membership, but where the membership is free, the website waives the fee, or if membership is automatically created as part of the booking, are eligible for this guarantee.

Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Offers that are only bookable on request, however, are not eligible.

One should definitely take a look at the Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions. They are quite easy to understand.

The process

You can either fill out the claim form online, or call the english call center.

Your claim will be verified in less than 24 hours and you’ll be informed about Hyatt’s decision, be it a positive or negative one.

Where can cheaper rates be found?

You could first start by looking through the most common hotel search engines:

If you didn’t find any cheaper rates there and want to invest even more time, you can visit the different nations’ pages of those search engines, or try your luck on less common sites.

It is very important to look at the cancellation policy. Often the flexible rates will be cancelable up to one day before the stay, but Hyatt usually allows canceling on the same day. That would already be enough for your claim to be declined.


Please note that we do not help you in the search for a cheaper rate. That, you’ll have to do yourself.

Your experiences (happyness and frustration), however, are very welcome in the comment section!

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