Until September: Up to Triple Points at Hilton Honors

Hilton New Orleans St. Charles Avenue

Until September 6, Hilton will be offering an interesting offer for its Hilton Honors program. Stays of up to two nights will give you double points, longer stays even triple points.

It is irrelevant when you booked the stay. It is only important that they stay take place between May 3 and September 6, and that you book directly on Hilton.com. You also first need to sign up via the following link:

Double or Triple Points

Except for a few exceptions in North America, you’ll always earn at least 10 points for each US-dollar spent (without taxes & fees) at Hilton Honors. One night for €100 (~US$119) would therefore regularly get you roughly 1,200 Hilton Honors points. With this promotion, you would get 2,400 points.

Additionally, you’ll also get the status bonus (20% for Silver, 80% for Gold, 100% for Diamond). As these points are added and not multiplied, a Diamond member would receive 3,600 points in the aforementioned example.

If your stay is longer than two nights, you’d even get triple points. Say that three nights cost €300 (~US$357), you’d receive 7,200 points, or even 10,800 points as a diamond member.

Important: Only Bookings Made Directly at Hilton.com Count

All of these benefits will only be granted if you book an eligible rate, which basically means that you need to book your stay directly on hilton.com. Bookings through third-party websites, such as Expedia or Booking.com, are not eligible. Travel-Industry rates are also not eligible.

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