Frontier Airlines Status Match From US Frequent Flyer Programs (for €41)

Airbus A321 von Frontier Airlines

It is definitely not the best moment to do a status match to a low-cost carrier, that operates almost all of its flights within the USA. Nevertheless, we don’t want to keep this information from you, as you might benefit from a status match to Frontier Airlines. The match will remain available until December 1, 2020 and will grant you the status until the end of 2021.

You can get matched up to the highest frequent flyer status, the Elite 100K, which offers some really interesting benefits, e.g. even when flying on the lowest fare, you’d get seats with extra legroom, a Discount-Club membership, hand luggage, and a piece of checked luggage. All your tickets would even be fully refundable (up to 24h before departure) and the benefits even apply to other passengers in your booking.

Apart from the still ongoing entry ban, this deal has two further downsides: You need to pay an application fee of US$49 (~€40) and this match only makes sense if you have a status at a frequent flyer program of a US-airline, as the fee would otherwise rise to US$349 (~€287).

Matched Tiers

Frontier lists seven programs of North American airlines on its website, which qualify for the match. For us Europeans, the plausible options are only United MileagePlus, Delta SkyMiles, and American AAdvantage:

  • Frontier Elite 20k:
    • MileagePlus Silver
    • SkyMiles Silver
    • AAdvantage Gold
  • Frontier Elite 50k:
    • MileagePlus Gold
    • SkyMiles Gold
    • AAdvantage Platinum
  • Frontier Elite 100k:
    • MileagePlus Platinum, 1K, or Global Services
    • SkyMiles Platinum or Diamond
    • AAdvantage Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum

You’ll find a complete list of the American programs in the following table:

Frontier Status Match stufen

Other programs are, as stated before, also possible, but only when paying an overpriced fee of US$349 (~€287). This will only make sense in absolutely exceptional cases. However, feel free to leave a comment with your own experiences, if you’ve had any.

The Process

The match is as easy as it gets, as everything can be done via an online form. You’ll first need to have an account at Frontier Miles. You can sign up for free here. Afterward, simply go to and apply there.

After entering your name, Frontier Miles membership number, and your email-address, you’ll land on the following site:

Frontier Match Schritt 2

Here, you now simply have to select the frequent flyer program and the current status. For verification purposes, you then still have to upload a photo of your frequent flyer card, or a screenshot of the online-account, which shows the status.

Frontier Match Schritt 3

During the third and last step, you need to pay the US$49 (~€40). This is simply possible by using a credit card. Subsequently, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Within 72 hours, the match should be confirmed. Afterward, it could still take a couple of days until the benefits really appear in the account.


The following table will give you a good overview of the benefits that await you. Stretch Seating means that you get to select seats with more legroom for free.

Frontier Status Vorteile

The WORKS Bundle as a benefit of the Elite 100K status, might not mean much to most people. However, this might be the most interesting benefit of this program. You and up to eight travelers on the same booking will receive the following benefits:

  • Hand luggage (usually, only a personal item is included)
  • One piece of checked luggage (23 kg)
  • Seat reservation at booking, incl. seats with extra legroom
  • Priority Boarding
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before departure
  • Free Same-Day-Changes (conditions not entirely clear)

The Discount Den membership is also not unattractive. I just searched for a flight from San Francisco to Denver during the summer of 2021, and the price decreased from US$79 (~€65) to US$39 (~€32). Details about each benefit, depending on the status tier, can be found here on Frontier’s site.

About Frontier Airlines

Frontier is an American low-cost carrier and has a similarly strict no-frills concept like Ryanair and Wizzair in Europe. The lowest fare doesn’t even include a piece of hand luggage but only a personal item instead. At least, this personal item can be quite large, measuring up to 46 x 35 x 20 cm. Already adding a cabin trolley can often cost US$30 (~€25) in each direction. On the other hand, tickets start at US$19 (~€16).

The fleet is made up of Airbus jets of the A320 family. The flights are almost entirely domestic flights within the USA. Furthermore, there are some routes to Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as one route to Calgary:

Frontier Route Map


Currently, it isn’t even clear, when we’ll be permitted to enter the USA again. Thanks to the positive news regarding a vaccine, however, there is some hope that we’ll be able to travel during the second half of 2021. If you often travel to the USA, you should definitely take a look at this match. The investment is low and if you do book a flight with Frontier, you’ll practically get the US$49 (~€40) back with the first flight.

An interesting aspect of Frontier is definitely that the status benefits are also granted when booking the cheapest fare. At Delta and United, frequent flyers traveling in Basic Economy, e.g. will not be permitted to select their seats.

Translated by Ditmar Lange

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